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Toes Out Tuesday, Sparkles Continued.

Late last night I shared my Lecente Monday Manicure, I fell I love with the sparkles all over again! And it didn’t stop at my fingers. Here is my Toes Out Tuesday Post sharing my OPI Gelcolor & Lecente Toes!

Toes This Week.

It’s summer, flip flop season and time to get the toes out! As its a big part of my job I like to make my nails a feature, something for people to notice or con net on. This week the toes on my feet are two different colours. Partly because I wanted to see the different results achievable with one glitter and partly because it gets people talking.

The Polishes were OPI GelColor Neon Collection. The pink on right foot is ‘Hotter Than You Pink‘ And the orange on my left is ‘Juice Bar Hopping‘ With Lecente glitter in applied in two layers on top of each colour.

It’s never fun gelling your toes bent up like you are doing some high level yoga pose but none the less apart from a run on the left big toe… I LOVE THEM! This is the end result.

Gel, OPI, toes out Tuesday, Lecente, ted baker, flip flops, summer toes, be you beautiful

The Shoes. Ted Baker.

These were part of my big holiday surprise for my trip to Ibiza in June for my 30th birthday! My man can shop and he knows I love Ted Baker but if you have a pair or buy a pair be warned, I’ve screwed the bow back on twice (only by luck hearing the screw fall out) and had to push the top back through the sole after nearly breaking my neck as it bent and came apart beneath me. I love them …but I looked like a dick! Thanks Ted!!



Sparkling Up Your Monday. Lecente Monday Manicure

Bit late in the day I know, whilst my Monday has been blessed with a manicure it wasn’t so blessed with motivation! it took time but my Lecente Monday Manicure is here!

Putting It Into Practise!

Im wasted! Haha sound like a right big headed numpty, but I don’t mean it like that. I have been working in beauty over a decade, I have trained with some of Estée Lauder & Christian Diors top world make up artists, I am trained in beauty with a qualification recognised over the world, and have trained with brands like Fake Bake & OPI to constantly better myself.

When it comes to nails. I have trained with one of the best in the industry one of the innovators, and one of the creators behind the brand Lecente. I first trained with Maria 11 years ago in acrylic nails, nail art, manicures…l even bummed a lift off her too and from classes! I have constantly been inspired by Maria and her family behind the brand Lecente, their passion and creative qualities shine through, they have the best sense of humour are always so welcoming, make an amazing cup of tea and create the best nail glitters in the world!

I was really happly to get to train with Maria again this year at Lecente HQ and get to know all there is to know about these glitters and how to work with them!

Beauty, nails, training, Lecente training, qualified, Monday manicure

All About Lecente Glitters

These glitters are not your standard glitters, in the words of my other half “They are mesmerising with depth” (he seriously said that about my nails! But more than that they are..

•Precision Cut. Making them easy workable for the therapist and smoother nails, edges and results for the client.

•95% hypoallergenic and purge product meaning no nasties stuck in.  This is something really important to some of my clients, an extra reassurance.

•They are available in a beautiful sparkly rainbow of colours like 80-100 of them, they even have the most amazing neon collection.

•They even do shapes, squares, diamonds and strands.

That’s not all, they also do foils and superb brushes I love using!

Search #LoveLecente on any social media channels and you will see a screen full of amazingness and sparkle!

Lecente, glitters, glitter nails, noted, Monday manicure, training, be you beautiful

Lecente Monday Manicure

So I have dabbled up until now, but this week I spent just over two hours creating these beauty on my own  nails for this weeks Monday Manicure.

Love Lecente, Monday manicure, OPI gel color, OPI gels, sparkle, notd, nail art

They are by no means perfect, a bit messy round the cuticles, lines could have been neater and glitter pressed better and layered more in certain areas. But it’s made my passion sparkle as much as my nails and I’m itching to play again! I had fun being creative. I have booked in friends for this week just to practise and already sparkled my toes! I Also have now wrote a wish list of glitters and foils I can’t wait to order! I’ll keep you all posted on my latest Lecente creations!

Have you had your nails sparkled by a Lecente therapist? I’d love to see them, tag below. 







Monday Motivation & Manicure!

Rolling it all into one today. Quotes and shiny nails all in one post!

I’m back with Monday motivation & manicure to share with you! I have returned from maternity leave and working my little socks off! I’ve been blogging all about the chaos that is my life over at Mum and Monsters. But here it is all about pretty stuff, beauty and things that make us feel good!

Because im all about making you feel beautiful and the whole point in Monday motivation is to make you feel motivated and happy I thought this quote from Christian Dior was perfect!

Monday motivation & manicure, Monday motivation, be you beUtiful, happiness, beUty, quotes, Christian Dior, manicure Monday, Monday motivation and manicure,

And now for the nails …

These are a base of OPI Gelcolor in Pink Flamenco with an overlay of white minx ‘tribal’. I loved these and the reaction they got from customers & strangers alike was pretty awesome.

As both the polish and wraps are professional products, they lasted with high shine and good results. The gels were on for two weeks (may have lasted longer but I was getting colour bored) whilst I removed the minx after 8 days because it had started to lift slightly at tip.

Monday motivation & manicure, OPI gelcolor, OPI, OPI nails, mobile therapist kent, pink and white, minx , Monday manicure, Monday, motivation & manicure, be you beautiful

The week ahead

With the eldest on summer hols and the other two munchkins needing entertaining is a mix of fun days out and fitting in work work work work work! I’m off from my day job at the college until September which gives me plenty of time to find my feet with Be You Beautiful and give the kids as much fun, love and adventures as possible!

I have a girly pamper this week and lots of gel nails booked in but I have been really good since I have been back in block booking my days so it’s not so sporadic and I’m not so wired and stressed out!

Shared motivation  or a mani today? If so I’d love to see, share your link below.


Why I Choose Neals Yard Remedies at Be You Beautiful

Yesterday I put in my personal skincare order! I ran out of all my favs over the last month!

As I’ve been with Neals yard a whole year now I figured I would share with you what made me choose them in the first place.

Why I choose Neals yard remedies, nyr, Neals yard, frankincense, skincare, be you beautiful, cleanse and tone, moisturise, beauty therapistWhilst I test many products through my job and through my blog, many of which I love (some I don’t) I have some products I use religiously. For example I love how I feel when I cleanse and tone with the frankincense range in the morning I feel refreshed and not like I have stayed up ridiculously late the night beforehand.

It was this initial love for just two products that made me talk to my friend Sophie over at Indulgence Holistic Treatments about using the products within my business Be You Beautiful just because I wanted to share these products with my clients in treatments. I signed up, no pushiness or pressure from soph, no need to make it my sole focus, no targets, I chose Neals Yard and here’s why….

💜I loved them … The feel, the smell, the texture, the packaging I could go on, I think a passion and belief in any product shines through.
💜They are organic. Whilst not important to all my clients, over the last ten years within the industry I’ve noticed people becoming more conscious of what they apply to their skin . They are also really ethical and open about their ingredients, where the are from etc.  That is an added bonus to me.
💜I wanted to offer a complete range of skincare that I felt I could break down, learn and use to address all clients needs.  Sensitive, dry, normal, oily, young, old, dull, whatever the clients issue was I wanted something on hand to offer a solution.
💜It gave me the opportunity to keep in touch with beauty treatments, products and updates through online training and in store training something that personally I love and is super important to me.
💜They are AWARD WINNING …..over and over again!
💜They Pay It Forward. To animals, to people, to our planet, and I find that pretty awesome.

You can find out loads more on the website (they set up and provide for me) here

I’m really not selling you anything just explaining my choice for the skincare ranges I use in treatments. You can get a free skincare consultation with me anytime, online or in person. I’m really not a pushy sales person (infact sales is my weakness) if you want more info, to find out more or try a product, buy something, book a facial, book a girls night in (with range of treatments) …. then I’m here. It’s what I do, it’s what I love and I’m more than happy to help and make a difference. For my clients, my team and my beautified self! (When I get 5 minutes to pamper myself in between work and the kids that is!)

Anyway, whilst I wait for my latest order to arrive join in the chat in the comments below or over on the Facebook page!

Thank You 2015 it’s been emotional, amazing and fast!

WOW what a year! I know it’s flown by but I didn’t actually realise the full extent to all the awesomeness I have achieved in this year. Instead like many I was focussing on the shitty bits that seem to resurface year after year, the small challenges sent to guide us. It was only when I sat down with my Leonie Dawson 2016 planner and had to look at this past year I actually pushed myself to think of all the things big and small!

Thank You 2015, Leonie Dawson planners, business, working mum, preparing for 2016, feeling fabulous, be you beautiful

So what have I actually done? 

As well as trying my best to work through very shite hypremisis gravadium, my biggest achievement wasn’t in business but in my personal life completing our little family with the arrival of our third beautiful baby and this time it was a pink one! I don’t talk about them much on here instead I gush about them on my other blog, but couldn’t let the moment slip by of achievements without including these 3….

My beautiful children, my biggest achievement, blessed, beautiful, natural shot, be you beautiful, mum and monsters

So to inspire you to sit reflect and say thanks to all the awesome sauce of 2015 here are my amazing, fabulous, kinda cool achievements for my business this year….

⭐️I renamed & rebranded from Sweet Cheeks Beauty to Be You Beautiful.

⭐️I got to run a business that I love and that I’m passionate about around my beautiful kids.

⭐️I made my face “funny for money & raised money for Comic Relief

⭐️Networking with inspiring women & painting nails red for British Heart Foundation

⭐️I got to connect and work with Andrea Beadle I have never come across someone so wholehearted and passionate in helping others connect with themselves, it was these sessions that helped me see my blocks and the bigger picture

⭐️Going on a web design course so I could create and manage Be You Beautiful & Mum & Monsters

⭐️Bribing my clients with chocolate so I remembered to take pics of the pretty nails I create!

⭐️I ran my first survey to get to know my clients make up & beauty needs better and got over 300 responses!

⭐️I got to paint mummies & little princess nails every fortnight, whilst watching my own son play with new friends at playgroup

⭐️I started to dip my toe and become a little more consistent with blogging. In 2016 I need to be realistic and not try and blog all the time to actually get nowhere. Gonna keep it simple with little and often but oh my we are gonna grow!

⭐️I got to share me a bit more so my clients are able to know (sometimes love) and trust me!

⭐️I got to pamper myself and test lots of new products and amazing brands.

⭐️I got to attend swanky events like the Fortnum & Mason beauty evening with Marie Claire & indulging evenings trying new launches with Jo Malone

⭐️I got to learn from some of the best in their business like the PR workshop with Antonia Mariconda (a great follow up to the blogging workshop)and omg that women is jaw dropping beautiful and so inspiring for me in business

⭐️I created a video to share this website … Next year I’m hoping to do videos where I talk and stuff (really!!) but last week my attempt at a make up tutorial with the middle monster assisting ended up being more of a comedy sketch than any know how!

⭐️I won a Happy Gravesham Award for being …. Can you guess? This was presented to me by the Mayor and created by a happiness and confidence ambassador and someone totally inspiring Genny Jones (she is all kind of awesome!)

⭐️My Facebook page reached over a 1000 likes and my other platforms continued to grow.

⭐️I got to connect, share and support others in business which makes me feel very lucky.

⭐️I got to meet, chat, befriend and work with some very special, cool and wonderful clients.

⭐️I got to work with brands for reviews and to retail, I get new products arriving every month I love continuing to learn through trying new stuff!

⭐️Sharing the power of make up in a positive way

⭐️Learning constantly through online courses and expert webinars

⭐️Creating cool PDFs, doodles & collages to plan, promote and put Be You Beautiful out there more

⭐️I got to be creative, share what I’m passionate about, do what I love

⭐️Buying th planners, starting an accountability group, joining a business members circle and actually supporting myself in achieving all those big dreams and plans I was too scared (and often to sick)  to do this year!



Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone, Monday Motivation..

I have another little blog, I don’t really tell people about.  It’s about me as a Mum and just dealing with life in general and it makes me feel exposed and maybe a bit too open when people I know read it. Which is exactly what happened this weekend when my Mum wanted me to share a post and I didnt think through the way Facebook now shares every move you bloody make even with private settings!

It’s not that I’m embarrassed, more anxious and nervous of being judged, I wanted to be able to divide my work and my day to day, but to have the chance to write about both. Anyway it’s out there now and so I just have to grin and bear it and hope hey all forget about it soon. Having said that by stepping out my comfort zone by accident, I realised how much it can take you towards your goals, how much it can make you grow and that actually it isn’t too scary.

So it took me towards my goal by making my Mum and Monsters blog reach its highest number in a day so far EVER it was pretty awesome watching the numbers go up and in the end 280 had read that blog post and visited my website in one day! That’s pretty cool for little old me. It made me grow a pair, in that I shouldn’t be so bloody scared and also maybe helped me squash my anxiety just a little bit more. And it isn’t too scary because infact once it was out there, I had lots of loving words, support and kindness coming from family, friends and people I work with. So all that has inspired my Monday Motivtion for you today, what could you do this week that will help you grow by taking a step outside your comfort zone?

Stepping outside your comfort zone, motivation, inspiration, quotes, Monday motivation, mum, beauty, working, taking chances, feel the fear and do it anyway



Purple & Pink Monday Manicure using OPI Polishes 

A pretty Monday Manicure using OPI to share as I finally got to paint my nails over the weekend! Although with three kids I have to do this in stages, like one hand at a time (if I manage to get that many fingers painted in one go!). I have to keep one hand paint free whilst the other dries in case I need to change nappies, get milk or stop my middle monster from escaping or jumping off something!

monday Manicure Using OPI, OPI Polishes, pink & purple, nails, fun, bright, #MondayManicure
I used all OPI Polishes, I have a clear gel on my nails as a base at the moment anyway just to keep their strength and prevent breaks. The colour application began with the deep purple “I vant to bite your neck” part of the Eur Centrale Collection.  Then using my latest OPI polish I treated myself too last week “On Pinks & Needles” A bargain at £3.99 in TKMaxx which is from the Brights Collection. I know I said no more OPI polishes as I have over 100 …but I didn’t have one like this!

I then finished and sealed in with two coats of top coat. I used two coats as the hexagonal shapes in the pink detail can pertrude slightly from the nail plate so rather than risk catching and chipping I sealed in with an extra layer of OPIs super glossy and quick drying top coat.
Here is the finished result….
monday Manicure Using OPI, OPI Polishes, pink & purple, nails, fun, bright, #MondayManicure, be you Beautiful, beauty blogger,
monday Manicure Using OPI, OPI Polishes, pink & purple, nails, fun, bright, #MondayManicure, Be You Beautiful, Beauty Blogger
What do you think? What colour are you wearing on this chilly Monday Morning? I’d love to see maybe you can tweet me yours or share on the Facebook page

Last Minute #MondayManicure Pretty & Pink!

Just sharing this #MondayManicure Pretty & Pink! super quick tonight; my other half has just left to take his mum to the airport and I’m enjoying a pampering moment to myself to paint my nails all pretty and pink!!!

I gave birth to a beautiful, gorgeous, perfect  little girl on Friday and I have been inspired to paint my nails to match her quickly growing wardrobe; of pink outfits and bows that the beautiful people in our life have been spoiling her with.

Last Minute #MondayManicure Pretty & Pink!, #MondayManicure, Monday, Manicure, MondayMani, girly, new arrival, pretty, pink, sparkles, nails, OPI, NCLA, Nail polish, beauty, blog, Last Minute #MondayManicure Pretty & Pink!, #MondayManicure, Monday, Manicure, MondayMani, girly, new arrival, pretty, pink, sparkles, nails, OPI, NCLA, Nail polish, beauty, blog,


So the polishes used were:

Light Pink: NCLA Los Angeles “Like Totally Valley Girl” which I received through my Birchbox Subscription.

Bright Pink: OPI “Girls Love Ponies” part of a limited edition collection created for MUstangs 50th Anniversary

Glitter: OPI “Servin’ Up Sparkle” from the Serena Williams Collection

Top Coat: OPI


This Months Prize Draw Win with Be You Beautiful

With our September winner announced it was about time I found some goodies to giveaway over the next month in the Be You Beautiful Prize Draw.

This months prize draw - win with Be You Beautiful, this months prize draw, October, November, 2015, prize draw, beauty freebies, goodies, giveaways, competitions, be you beautiful

All you have to do is sign up to our monthly newsletter to be in with a chance to win. As I think I may be a little preoccupied with baby number 3 (due to arrive anytime now!) this draw will run until the end of November.

The Be You Beautiful Newsletter is a chance to stay up to date with our latest news, reviews, offers and events through our monthly email direct to your inbox. It just keeps you updated in between checking out the website and our latest posts without bombarding you.

This month I’m feeling extra generous as I’m running the draw for a little longer there will be THREE prizes for the winner;

Ciatè Paint Pot Nail Polish in Talent Scout; A lovely deep purple for the autumn.
Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector I have been wearing this daily through pregnancy it is light, provides even coverage and tone and is super quick and easy to apply.
IDC Institue Scented Garden Country Rose Luxury Body Lotion. I have not tried this one so if you win I want to hear all about it, I always find Rose scents uplifting and lovely when it’s drab and cold outside.

Anyone who signs up between now and 12pm on 30th November 2015 gets entered into the draw where a winner will be selected at random  to have the prizes sent straight to their door.

Winner Septembers Sign Up Draw & Octobers Launched

As it’s October I thought it’s about time I announced the Winner Septembers Sign Up Draw.  Anyone who signed up to the Be You Beautiful Newsletter during September got entered into the draw and a winner was selected at random to win the Nails Inc London Uptown Nail Polish.
Winner Septembers Sign Up Draw, Nails Inc, Gel effect nail polish, uptown, beauty box, subscription, giveaway, win

And the winner is drumroll pleassseeee……

Tanya Gray.

I’ll be in touch with Tanya to let her know via email and hopefully she might send us a selfie I can share with you all in an update once she receives her polish and tries it out.

For now though you could be in with the chance to win again this month find out more here.

Monday Mani – Lola Barcelona & OPI Nails

Thought I’d share with you guys that my nails are still looking beautiful and sparkly from My Friday Night Pamper Hands & Nails. Neutral Sparkles it is a Monday after all and so essential we see some pretty Monday Manis on our screens. But I’m also really impressed I found the Lola Barcelona colour a little thick to apply and was expecting that it may chip slightly but it’s still all neat, pretty and dazzling with OPI In True Stefani Fashion sparkles.

Monday Mani - Lola Barcelona & OPI, Monday manicure, #MondayMani, #ManicureMonday, Lola Barcelona, OPI, nails, beauty, be you beautiful, neutral, sparkles, natural,

Just to to give you some laughter on this grey Monday too, I said how I was doing my nails for a wedding I was going to Saturday …. after finally settling on a gorgeous floor length dress to wear that went over the 9 month bump, getting my hair & make up ready, the boys looking dapps and all ready to roll…. We got to the wedding and within 30 minutes my 20 month old had projectile vomited down the front of my dress, the back and all in my hair, not just a little bit either and it stunk so wasn’t even like I could wash up and hang around! The joys of mummy hood hey, I can laugh about it standing in the toilets thong, bump and bra before realising nothing was getting rid of the stink! I felt awful leaving so soon especially as it all looked so fab, I did see the cake get cut though …congratulations Becky & Mike ❤️

#MondayMotivation Mistakes are Okay!

Monday motivation, #MondayMotivation, business, mumpreneur, be you beautiful, mistakes are ok, live and learn, trial & error

Business can be tough and mistakes are okay! In a world where everything is advancing quickly, where there is always something new to learn and always new fabulous people to connect with we can’t get it perfect all the time … And why would we want to!

I love this Monday Motivation quote especially after a weekend of trying to make sure the rebrands complete, that the websites all working, getting my head round google analytics and designing funnels for all the new launches to come November-January.

I’m part of some fabulous business support groups on Facebook and two in particular I love are CEO Mums Business Club and Women Inspiring Women. Last week a lady shared the story of Thomas Eddison and his view on mistakes (despite scrolling through for last 50 minutes in both groups I can’t find original post to credit and instead became distracted by all the awesomeness).  And I’m sure like many you have heard this inspiring story before. I had, but having made tons of mistakes this weekend it just reiterated its ok, stopped me getting stressed and reminded me I’m moving in the right direction.

Thomas Edison’s teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything.”  As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” I have also heard it quoted that he found 1,000 ways that didn’t work before finding the one that did, either way every mistake was a stepping stone to moving towards the end result and boy are we glad he didn’t give up! And I’m not giving up anytime soon either, I’m embracing my mistakes, learning from them and pushing forward. It feels fabulous now I’m looking at it in a different light and just thought putting it into a Monday Motivation may help others who feel stuck in a rut or going in circles.



My Friday Night Pamper Hands & Nails. Neutral Sparkles

Time for a Friday night pamper hands & nails style. With the baby due in less than a week I thought it time I cut the talons down. Whilst I plan on giving birth in hospital I don’t want my other half having to go to A&E with a savaged hand where I tear him to pieces with these bad boys …

Nails, nails inc, Monday manicure, NOTD, pamper,

Even just clenching my own fists I leave sharp indentations, I dare to think what I could do with them in labour.  I digress with nonsense stories.

I have taken my nails right down to all be  uniformed length and have a clear Gellux Gel just to protect them and keep them stronger. I also used Nails inc. cuticle oil pen and OPI Avojuice hand cream before popping them in my hospital bag, (all the anti bacterial gels in hospitals make my hands so dry). So now all pampered and shiny my nails look like this.

Friday night pamper, weekend pamper, wedding nails, Gellux, clear gel nails, natural nails, pretty nails, NOTD, Gellux gel nails

Part of me is tempted to be lazy and leave them like this but im going to a wedding tomorrow so need something pretty.

My nail polish kit, my nail polishes, be you beautiful, OPI, nails inc, Friday night pamper, weekend pamper, wedding nails, Gellux, clear gel nails, natural nails, pretty nails, NOTD, Gellux gel nails

After contemplating a few reds and brights I have opted for a neutral BORN by LOLA BARCELONA just because I don’t want my hands to look to garish should baby make an appearance anytime soon and I don’t know what I’m wearing to the wedding tomorrow, (about to burst my choices are limited by the big low belly).

This polish is a little gloopy so you have to make sure you drain the brush of excess but with balance; as it streaks if not enough polish on brush and can be unforgiving trying to go over. With a little extra patience the first coat looks pretty a nude pink tone with a subtle shimmer not a colour I would normally choose but I’m going for neutral and nice. After leaving the base coat to dry and applying the second coat the colour is deeper mauve/pink with a very soft shimmer within it.  The application felt messy the brush didn’t evenly distribute meaning it had to be worked on the nail, but not too much for risk of dragging the polish (even though I drank a cuppa before applying second coat)

My nail polish kit, my nail polishes, be you beautiful, OPI, nails inc, Friday night pamper, weekend pamper, wedding nails, Gellux, clear gel nails, natural nails, pretty nails, NOTD, Gellux gel nails

And having received one of my all time favourite top coats Seche Vite in last months bearth subscriptions I know my nails will be glossy, super shiny and DRY long before I head of to bed this evening.  I normally hate nail polish of a night time because one nails always gets a smudge or imprint, but I know it won’t be a problem with this top coat to hand and I’m hoping it will even conquer the gloopy bits.   I couldn’t leave them plain and had to add a bit of glitter and sparkle, plus its the only item I have ever had with my name spelt on it correctly (even if not pronounced the same) from the Gwen Stefani collection for OPI In True Stefani fashion, my all time favourite glitter polish! 



Beauty Advent Calendars 2015 Christmas Beauty #WishlistWednesday

There are more fabulous beauty advent calendars 2015 than ever before, and being so kind I thought I would research them all for you and make a REEEEAAALLLLY LONG Wishlist!

So here are the freshest 20 I have found, the prices range from budget to blowout and most are limited edition.  These are advent calendars jam packed with beauty, fragrance and nail treats often with a lot more value than the retail that they cost.The best of. Top 20. Beauty advent calendars 2015. Be you beautiful. Wish list Wednesday. Budget to blowout.

(Top to Bottom & Right To Left)

1. You Beauty Advent Calendar £59.95 

I have put this one at the top because I think it’s the one I’m most likely to purchase (haha like I will only be able to purchase 1/20). This has over £330 of products crammed behind the doors specialising in premium brands it includes the likes of Burts Bees, Benefit, Cowshed, Molton Brown and Nuxe to name a few.

2.  Marks & Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar £25.00* available from November.

This is £25.00 when you spend £25.00 in any department of M&S. Having Bluewater so close by I love their beauty department in store, the brands they have on board are refreshing to your standard beauty department and include Ren, Stila, Rituals & Philip Kingsley.

3.  Ciatè Advent Calendar £49.99

Having had the Ciate Advent Calendar previously I do love them but you can’t enjoy a polish a day I just don’t have time it’s great to build up a premium nail collection especially if you paint your nails on the go and want a polish that last, Ciate is a brand I love and I’m sure this will be jam packed of the seasons must have colours as well as the staple colours needed for any collection and a few essentials and accessories! I do love the London themed box too it’s so pretty!

4. Jo Malone Townhouse Advent Calendar £260.00 available 1st November

I want it so bad it hurts, anyone who followed the old blog knows how much I simply adore Jo Malone (is my go to all time favourite fragrance I use it sparingly on special days and to make me the epitome of luxury)

5. Benefit Party Poppers Advent Calendar £34.50

Only 12 doors on this one but with Benefit Favourites packed behind worth £79 including some I totally rate like the POREfessional PRO balm, BADgal lash volumizing mascara and ooh la lift undereye brightener.

The best of. Top 20. Beauty advent calendars 2015. Be you beautiful. Wish list Wednesday. Budget to blowout.

(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

6. Selfridges Cosmic Beauty Advent Calendar £95.00

Filled with 24 luxurious mini treats, the fact that it’s selected from one of the most beautiful, energetic and indulgent  beauty halls e plains the price. Included are some of the world’s best beauty brands including Kiehl’s, Lancome, YSL, Viktor and Rolf and more. With a very limited availability you can sign up below to be the first to know when it launches

7.  Bomb Cosmetics Advent Calendar £19.99

This is such a cute idea as a gift we don’t often buy bath bombs and treats for ourselves so I guess also a great way to pamper ourselves more too! Handmade and natural there are 24 days of bath bombs and rozzers to indulge and spoil I between all that shopping and wrapping in December.

8. Tanya Burr Cosmetics Deck The Halls Advent Calendar £25.00

Like the Benefit one it has only 12 doors but as a Make Up Artist Goddess and one of my fav bloggers I know this won’t fail to disappoint in fact that’s if you can even get your hands on it, the link above is for superdrug where it’s been on special offer for just £15 (an absolute steal!)

9. Charlotte Tilbury Book Of Magic Make-Up Calendar £150.00

12 Magical Make Up Cabinets that contain full size and travel size products from the make up artist on a mission to empower who has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for ver 20 years, you can pre register your interest in the link above, I’ve been working out how many sets of nails I need to do to order mine.

10.  Lush 12 Days of Christmas £49.95

From bath melts & bombs to soaps & shower gel this is packed with a story book themed 12 doors of natural bathing beauty. Gorgeously presented and so so sweeeet smelling well more winters but so yummy! A lovely gift if you wanted to spoil someone.

The best of. Top 20. Beauty advent calendars 2015. Be you beautiful. Wish list Wednesday. Budget to blowout.

(Top to Bottom, Right to Left)

11.  Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar £149.00

Bound to be a favourite with the beauty elite this advent calendar is released on the 29th October, another that is filled with premium brands including the likes of Nars, Eve Lom, Diptyque and Dermalogica. I’m unsure of sizes but have seen that the overall value is in excess of £400 and with less than 4,000 available will go pretty quickly.

12. Clarins Advent Calendar £60.00

24 treats tucked away behind the golden leaves, perfect for getting your winter mittens on heir best selling and iconic favourites, this is perfect to get you all the essentials needed in your winter skincare routine and a few make-up treats.

13.  Make-Up Revolution Calendar £45.00

With 24 full size products and a brand that’s rated amongst bloggers I think this one is perfect for make up junkies and those look to build a cool kit of essential products and colour.

14. Essence Advent Calendar  £25.00 available from November

Perfect as a gift for teens looking for a great way to build the buzz of the countdown to Christmas and building a cute and fun make up collection in the process, not a brand I’ve tried but having read a couple of beauty reviews Essence brand they all seem quite positive for the price range.

15. Cheeky Nails £49.00

Not a nail polish brand I have tried so if any of you out there have id love to hear or read you thoughts and reviews be sure to post in the comments. Like with the Ciatè it’s a great way to build up a nail polish collection but even when I tried with my last polish calendar I just didn’t have the time to paint my nails everyday in December and I like the idea of being able to open the door up to something I can try straight away. The colours and design look fun.

The best of. Top 20. Beauty advent calendars 2015. Be you beautiful. Wish list Wednesday. Budget to blowout.

(Top to Bottom, Right to Left)

16. No.7 Advent Calendar £38.00

Worth £148 this is a bargain for fans of the boots beauty brand, there is a reservation list on this product on the link above and I think it will be quite popular especially with Boots points offers throughout the festive season.

17. The Body Shop (luxury version pictured) £80.00

I don’t think this is the best for value for money in comparison with what you receive with others available but the premium one does have a retail value of £127 so you ar still saving a pretty penny especially if body shop is one of your go to brands. Including best selling beauty, bath and fragrance there is also an option for a lower cost one at £60.

18. House of Fraser 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar £20.00

This is there own brand of Colour Couture cosmetics and as I used to work there the beauty filled cases remind me of what an Aunt buys all her nieces on the 3 for 2 in the clear make up suit case (you know the ones I mean). If your on a budget this looks to be the one and maybe an ideal gift for teens.

19. L’Occitane Noel Approche Advent Calendar £39.00

I love the cuteness of this box and am excited by the luxury of the contents inside, I think that L’Occitane are a brand that never fail to disappoint in the packaging of gift sets and this is no different a red ribbon and beautiful artwork with gems of beauty treats behind each door. I really do love the sweet simplicity of this.

20. Look Fantastic Beauty Secret Advent Calendar £70.00

I thought I’d leave a fav till last just to keep you all reading, each year this calendar is highly reviewed and with LookFantastic having so many fabulous & unique beauty brands to choose from even though there isn’t a lot if info released on the brands involved I would keep an eye on this one of its on your budget.

So are you going to be purchasing for an indulgent self treat or a lovely luxury gift and if so what one(s) will you be buying? I’d love to hear bout your purchases or reviews below in the comments I’ll be sure to keep you updated with mine 🙂

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The Body Shop UK

A Dark Shiny Autumnal #MondayMani

Thanks to Glamour Magazine & Nails Inc

So whenever there is a free beauty product you can pretty much guarantee I’m buying the magazine. This month Glamour have 4 exclusive fabulous shades of Nails Inc to choose from. I normally always pick the red whenever there it is in the choice but decided to be different this time and enjoy a nice Dark Shade. Looking through the packaging I did originally think it was black but as you can see in the photo of the first coat it’s more an aubergine shade, not that you can tell after two coats. I’m using that polish today to share this Autumnal #MondayMani.

Glamour Magazine, Nails Inc, autumnal dark, mondaymani, Monday manicure, NOTD, BEAUTY FREEBIES, Ellie Golding, October, November, 2015

I have become a big fan of nails Inc over the last year and enjoy their collections and products whenever I get my manicured hands on them, this one is no different it is fast drying and high shining I have put it over a clear gel base but that’s only to maintain and protect my nails, it’s super shiny after just two coats and I’m quickly able to get on with my day. The colour becomes an off black after two coats that keeps making me look closer at the shade; I like it it’s mysterious, I was worried my nails look at bit witchy as I currently have them in a point but I’m actually feeling the look.

Be you beautiful, beauty, blog, Glamour Magazine, Nails Inc, autumnal dark, mondaymani, Monday manicure, NOTD, BEAUTY FREEBIES,

I’m tempted to go back and buy up some more shades of this gorgeous collection especially as they are made just for glamour magazine, so not available for purchase and a steal at just £2 (Especially when each free polish is worth £11 and you get a voucher card for 20% off at H&M) I think I’m gonna do that and just give away the free reads of the extra copies over on the Facebook page for someone else to enjoy with a cuppa. It’s a great copy this month with content including an interview with celebrity make up artist Justine Jenkins which I found really inspiring, I felt motivated by the love letter from Hannah Brencher and the story of her success in making a movement of love and happiness with writing letters, I LOLed at the selfie pics & tips and enjoyed the latest autumn winter style, fashion, hair & beauty… Oh I do love a good magazine and dream shopping!


What are your nails looking like on this manicure Monday? Are you wearing one of the Glamour Nails Inc Colours right now? 


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