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What’s Happening with Minx Nails In the UK.

If you don’t know what Minx nails are, welcome, I’m hoping you are new to the site, if not…where have you been?? Minx is one of my favourite treatments to offer at Be You Beautiful. Their slogan being ‘ extend fashion to your finger tips’ adored by many, seen on endless catwalks and covers, with a huge celebrity following, a treatment I trained in with session tech to the stars Liza Smith through her role as an ambassador and representative of Sweet Squared about 10 years ago and I’ve been offering it ever since. Obviously more popular in the summer with it’s often super shiny foils I can give you 10 reason Minx are loved in an instant, infact i did right here. Anyway, I’m not here to sell them to you because they are becoming endangered in the uk and I’m a little bit devastated.

What’s changing with Minx Nails in the UK?

When I went to order and couldn’t find all the designs I was looking for online, I called up the distributor Sweet Squared. These guys are my favourite supplier I have to order from, their customer service is like no other and they are one of the most friendly and helpful teams. As the only Minx distributors in the uk they have chosen to have streamline the designs stocked. They are gone from the hundreds down to just 10 that will be available, and whilst they are pretty and do mean I’ll be able to continue to offer them for the foreseeable future, they pale in comparison to the current choice of hundreds that are available.

And so I obviously, stocked up. Like seriously stocked up.

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For a few reasons; Firstly I want to be able to continue to offer my clients an extensive choice of fashion to their fingertips and whilst I know that many clients love pedicures, Gels and glittery nails, I have lots that love Minx and I want to continue to astound them with the beauty and choice available. Secondly it meant I could let clients reserve and hold designs they love with a small deposit for minx appointments in the next 24 months. Also I could see lots I hadn’t before they were gone and try and judge what ones would continue to get picked, and oh my gosh already some of the designs that have been held are beautiful so my second order is going in this week!

Minx nails, nails by, Be You Beautiful, beauty therapist Gravesend, beauty kent, minx designs, nail foils, September special,

You can see my Facebook live of my latest delivery here, please excuse my usual waffle and ramblings, I get so excited about what I get to do.

If you wanted to get some shiny stand out toes and make the most of the last of this years sunshine, get booked in through the contact page.  Don’t forget to give us a like and follow to stay updated with the latest posts and pics.

10 Reasons I Love Minx Nails

Minx Nails are a polymer foil like a sticker applied to the nail after being heated, mess free with amazing results. With chrome, custom and patterned minx there is a design for everyone to fall in love with. They last 6-8 weeks on toes and around 4-10 days on fingers, making the later more of a special occasion treatment.

I’ve been qualified in Minx for over 10 years now, originally training with celebrity tech Liza Smith through the company serving the pros Sweet Squared. As a way to celebrate my little anniversary I’m sharing ten things I love about Minx Nails

1. Unique, beautiful, eye catching designs that really do extend fashion to your fingertips with a huge range by artists and designers the variety blows me away.

2. How excited people get looking through and selecting their designs.

3. Lots of them are super shiny and show stopping, when wearing them I often catch people staring at my toes. 

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4. Some of the designs make the perfect gel overlays, another fun way to minx it up and get creative.

10 reasons I love Minx Nails, minx nails, minx over Gels, minx overlay, be You Beautiful, beauty, Kent, London, south east

5. There are a range of minx perfect for the bridal season and it’s a great additional service at pamper parties for hens and brides.

6. I love any excuse to celebrate, decorate and have fun and so do Minx, there are lots of fun and cute seasonal designs. They have got loads covered including valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

7. Last 4-8 weeks on toes and around a week on hands and are a perfect self indulgent and stylish treat.

8. Seen on covers and catwalks around the world they are really loved in the fashion industry. 

9. It’s not just he fashion industry celebrities love them too, regularly seen on the likes of Beyonce, Katy Perry, P!nk, featured on Lady Gagas album cover and so many more.

Minx nails, celebrity nails, 10 reasons I love Minx, minx nails, Be You Beautiful, beauty, kent, London, south east,

10. I’m trained as a Minx Pro, it’s something I am really proud of and I still really love treating clients too, i love how surprised and excited clients get with the end result, and the longetivity of Minx toes makes it a really popular choice for clients.

So there you have it 10 reason I love Minx Nails. I thought I’d share this extra bit. I love that my partner always makes me laugh and is super supportive of me doing what I do so when I just told him I was doing a blog on 10 reasons I love Minx, he counted his 10 finger nails and said just do each one different. He gets it, he gets I’m super passionate but also that these are really are so cool and transformational. 

Have you ever had Minx? Maybe you can think of another reason other than my ten on why you think they rock.

Be You Beautiful ~ Mobile Beauty Kent | Latest Work & August Promos

So back in May I started a part time day job as temporary cover for a year. I’m very lucky because it’s in the hair and beauty industry, meaning I’m surrounded by products I love, new releases and lots of learning opportunities. It has however effected how I’m working doing mobile beauty kent how much I’m posting and me learning to find the balance between the day job, my life and family and ‘doing it all’ for Be You Beautiful. So I figured a quick post was needed to update you on some of my latest work & August promos.

Latest Work

I haven’t done huge amounts of promotion, I haven’t pushed for new clients and often I am so comfortable with my regulars I forget to take snaps of my work. Here are a few of the latest images…

Latest work, August Update and latest offers, Be You Beautiful, mobile beauty kent

August Promos

☀️ Sun-Shining Summer Sizzler not only am I loving the shine of minx foils, the sparkle of Lecenté and the feel good feeling of a spray tan I want everyone else to love it and feel awesome this summer too. So as a totally amazing summer offer with huge savings you can get this great summer saver throughout August.

August Update Offers, August beauty offers, mobile beauty kent, treatment offers, Be You Beautiful, August 2018,

☀️ Also as I have been so useless snapping my latest work throughout August so any clients who take pics and check in on Facebook or tag @Stefani.BeYouBeautiful on Instagram get sent a free mini surprise.

☀️ Sign up to the newsletter to find out about the latest training I have signed up for and the amazing taster treatment days I will be hosting, where you get to trial new treatments at amazing prices! Spaces will be offered to current clients, then newsletter subscribers before any spaces going out on social media.

More To Follow

There are lots of amazing summer launches and new products I’m loving right now so there will be lots of blogs in the coming weeks with the latest products I have tried,tested, used and reviewed.

Toes Out Tuesday, Sparkles Continued.

Late last night I shared my Lecente Monday Manicure, I fell I love with the sparkles all over again! And it didn’t stop at my fingers. Here is my Toes Out Tuesday Post sharing my OPI Gelcolor & Lecente Toes!

Toes This Week.

It’s summer, flip flop season and time to get the toes out! As its a big part of my job I like to make my nails a feature, something for people to notice or con net on. This week the toes on my feet are two different colours. Partly because I wanted to see the different results achievable with one glitter and partly because it gets people talking.

The Polishes were OPI GelColor Neon Collection. The pink on right foot is ‘Hotter Than You Pink‘ And the orange on my left is ‘Juice Bar Hopping‘ With Lecente glitter in applied in two layers on top of each colour.

It’s never fun gelling your toes bent up like you are doing some high level yoga pose but none the less apart from a run on the left big toe… I LOVE THEM! This is the end result.

Gel, OPI, toes out Tuesday, Lecente, ted baker, flip flops, summer toes, be you beautiful

The Shoes. Ted Baker.

These were part of my big holiday surprise for my trip to Ibiza in June for my 30th birthday! My man can shop and he knows I love Ted Baker but if you have a pair or buy a pair be warned, I’ve screwed the bow back on twice (only by luck hearing the screw fall out) and had to push the top back through the sole after nearly breaking my neck as it bent and came apart beneath me. I love them …but I looked like a dick! Thanks Ted!!



Sparkling Up Your Monday. Lecente Monday Manicure

Bit late in the day I know, whilst my Monday has been blessed with a manicure it wasn’t so blessed with motivation! it took time but my Lecente Monday Manicure is here!

Putting It Into Practise!

Im wasted! Haha sound like a right big headed numpty, but I don’t mean it like that. I have been working in beauty over a decade, I have trained with some of Estée Lauder & Christian Diors top world make up artists, I am trained in beauty with a qualification recognised over the world, and have trained with brands like Fake Bake & OPI to constantly better myself.

When it comes to nails. I have trained with one of the best in the industry one of the innovators, and one of the creators behind the brand Lecente. I first trained with Maria 11 years ago in acrylic nails, nail art, manicures…l even bummed a lift off her too and from classes! I have constantly been inspired by Maria and her family behind the brand Lecente, their passion and creative qualities shine through, they have the best sense of humour are always so welcoming, make an amazing cup of tea and create the best nail glitters in the world!

I was really happly to get to train with Maria again this year at Lecente HQ and get to know all there is to know about these glitters and how to work with them!

Beauty, nails, training, Lecente training, qualified, Monday manicure

All About Lecente Glitters

These glitters are not your standard glitters, in the words of my other half “They are mesmerising with depth” (he seriously said that about my nails! But more than that they are..

•Precision Cut. Making them easy workable for the therapist and smoother nails, edges and results for the client.

•95% hypoallergenic and purge product meaning no nasties stuck in.  This is something really important to some of my clients, an extra reassurance.

•They are available in a beautiful sparkly rainbow of colours like 80-100 of them, they even have the most amazing neon collection.

•They even do shapes, squares, diamonds and strands.

That’s not all, they also do foils and superb brushes I love using!

Search #LoveLecente on any social media channels and you will see a screen full of amazingness and sparkle!

Lecente, glitters, glitter nails, noted, Monday manicure, training, be you beautiful

Lecente Monday Manicure

So I have dabbled up until now, but this week I spent just over two hours creating these beauty on my own  nails for this weeks Monday Manicure.

Love Lecente, Monday manicure, OPI gel color, OPI gels, sparkle, notd, nail art

They are by no means perfect, a bit messy round the cuticles, lines could have been neater and glitter pressed better and layered more in certain areas. But it’s made my passion sparkle as much as my nails and I’m itching to play again! I had fun being creative. I have booked in friends for this week just to practise and already sparkled my toes! I Also have now wrote a wish list of glitters and foils I can’t wait to order! I’ll keep you all posted on my latest Lecente creations!

Have you had your nails sparkled by a Lecente therapist? I’d love to see them, tag below. 







Monday Motivation & Manicure!

Rolling it all into one today. Quotes and shiny nails all in one post!

I’m back with Monday motivation & manicure to share with you! I have returned from maternity leave and working my little socks off! I’ve been blogging all about the chaos that is my life over at Mum and Monsters. But here it is all about pretty stuff, beauty and things that make us feel good!

Because im all about making you feel beautiful and the whole point in Monday motivation is to make you feel motivated and happy I thought this quote from Christian Dior was perfect!

Monday motivation & manicure, Monday motivation, be you beUtiful, happiness, beUty, quotes, Christian Dior, manicure Monday, Monday motivation and manicure,

And now for the nails …

These are a base of OPI Gelcolor in Pink Flamenco with an overlay of white minx ‘tribal’. I loved these and the reaction they got from customers & strangers alike was pretty awesome.

As both the polish and wraps are professional products, they lasted with high shine and good results. The gels were on for two weeks (may have lasted longer but I was getting colour bored) whilst I removed the minx after 8 days because it had started to lift slightly at tip.

Monday motivation & manicure, OPI gelcolor, OPI, OPI nails, mobile therapist kent, pink and white, minx , Monday manicure, Monday, motivation & manicure, be you beautiful

The week ahead

With the eldest on summer hols and the other two munchkins needing entertaining is a mix of fun days out and fitting in work work work work work! I’m off from my day job at the college until September which gives me plenty of time to find my feet with Be You Beautiful and give the kids as much fun, love and adventures as possible!

I have a girly pamper this week and lots of gel nails booked in but I have been really good since I have been back in block booking my days so it’s not so sporadic and I’m not so wired and stressed out!

Shared motivation  or a mani today? If so I’d love to see, share your link below.


Purple & Pink Monday Manicure using OPI Polishes 

A pretty Monday Manicure using OPI to share as I finally got to paint my nails over the weekend! Although with three kids I have to do this in stages, like one hand at a time (if I manage to get that many fingers painted in one go!). I have to keep one hand paint free whilst the other dries in case I need to change nappies, get milk or stop my middle monster from escaping or jumping off something!

monday Manicure Using OPI, OPI Polishes, pink & purple, nails, fun, bright, #MondayManicure
I used all OPI Polishes, I have a clear gel on my nails as a base at the moment anyway just to keep their strength and prevent breaks. The colour application began with the deep purple “I vant to bite your neck” part of the Eur Centrale Collection.  Then using my latest OPI polish I treated myself too last week “On Pinks & Needles” A bargain at £3.99 in TKMaxx which is from the Brights Collection. I know I said no more OPI polishes as I have over 100 …but I didn’t have one like this!

I then finished and sealed in with two coats of top coat. I used two coats as the hexagonal shapes in the pink detail can pertrude slightly from the nail plate so rather than risk catching and chipping I sealed in with an extra layer of OPIs super glossy and quick drying top coat.
Here is the finished result….
monday Manicure Using OPI, OPI Polishes, pink & purple, nails, fun, bright, #MondayManicure, be you Beautiful, beauty blogger,
monday Manicure Using OPI, OPI Polishes, pink & purple, nails, fun, bright, #MondayManicure, Be You Beautiful, Beauty Blogger
What do you think? What colour are you wearing on this chilly Monday Morning? I’d love to see maybe you can tweet me yours or share on the Facebook page

Last Minute #MondayManicure Pretty & Pink!

Just sharing this #MondayManicure Pretty & Pink! super quick tonight; my other half has just left to take his mum to the airport and I’m enjoying a pampering moment to myself to paint my nails all pretty and pink!!!

I gave birth to a beautiful, gorgeous, perfect  little girl on Friday and I have been inspired to paint my nails to match her quickly growing wardrobe; of pink outfits and bows that the beautiful people in our life have been spoiling her with.

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So the polishes used were:

Light Pink: NCLA Los Angeles “Like Totally Valley Girl” which I received through my Birchbox Subscription.

Bright Pink: OPI “Girls Love Ponies” part of a limited edition collection created for MUstangs 50th Anniversary

Glitter: OPI “Servin’ Up Sparkle” from the Serena Williams Collection

Top Coat: OPI


Monday Mani – Lola Barcelona & OPI Nails

Thought I’d share with you guys that my nails are still looking beautiful and sparkly from My Friday Night Pamper Hands & Nails. Neutral Sparkles it is a Monday after all and so essential we see some pretty Monday Manis on our screens. But I’m also really impressed I found the Lola Barcelona colour a little thick to apply and was expecting that it may chip slightly but it’s still all neat, pretty and dazzling with OPI In True Stefani Fashion sparkles.

Monday Mani - Lola Barcelona & OPI, Monday manicure, #MondayMani, #ManicureMonday, Lola Barcelona, OPI, nails, beauty, be you beautiful, neutral, sparkles, natural,

Just to to give you some laughter on this grey Monday too, I said how I was doing my nails for a wedding I was going to Saturday …. after finally settling on a gorgeous floor length dress to wear that went over the 9 month bump, getting my hair & make up ready, the boys looking dapps and all ready to roll…. We got to the wedding and within 30 minutes my 20 month old had projectile vomited down the front of my dress, the back and all in my hair, not just a little bit either and it stunk so wasn’t even like I could wash up and hang around! The joys of mummy hood hey, I can laugh about it standing in the toilets thong, bump and bra before realising nothing was getting rid of the stink! I felt awful leaving so soon especially as it all looked so fab, I did see the cake get cut though …congratulations Becky & Mike ❤️

My Friday Night Pamper Hands & Nails. Neutral Sparkles

Time for a Friday night pamper hands & nails style. With the baby due in less than a week I thought it time I cut the talons down. Whilst I plan on giving birth in hospital I don’t want my other half having to go to A&E with a savaged hand where I tear him to pieces with these bad boys …

Nails, nails inc, Monday manicure, NOTD, pamper,

Even just clenching my own fists I leave sharp indentations, I dare to think what I could do with them in labour.  I digress with nonsense stories.

I have taken my nails right down to all be  uniformed length and have a clear Gellux Gel just to protect them and keep them stronger. I also used Nails inc. cuticle oil pen and OPI Avojuice hand cream before popping them in my hospital bag, (all the anti bacterial gels in hospitals make my hands so dry). So now all pampered and shiny my nails look like this.

Friday night pamper, weekend pamper, wedding nails, Gellux, clear gel nails, natural nails, pretty nails, NOTD, Gellux gel nails

Part of me is tempted to be lazy and leave them like this but im going to a wedding tomorrow so need something pretty.

My nail polish kit, my nail polishes, be you beautiful, OPI, nails inc, Friday night pamper, weekend pamper, wedding nails, Gellux, clear gel nails, natural nails, pretty nails, NOTD, Gellux gel nails

After contemplating a few reds and brights I have opted for a neutral BORN by LOLA BARCELONA just because I don’t want my hands to look to garish should baby make an appearance anytime soon and I don’t know what I’m wearing to the wedding tomorrow, (about to burst my choices are limited by the big low belly).

This polish is a little gloopy so you have to make sure you drain the brush of excess but with balance; as it streaks if not enough polish on brush and can be unforgiving trying to go over. With a little extra patience the first coat looks pretty a nude pink tone with a subtle shimmer not a colour I would normally choose but I’m going for neutral and nice. After leaving the base coat to dry and applying the second coat the colour is deeper mauve/pink with a very soft shimmer within it.  The application felt messy the brush didn’t evenly distribute meaning it had to be worked on the nail, but not too much for risk of dragging the polish (even though I drank a cuppa before applying second coat)

My nail polish kit, my nail polishes, be you beautiful, OPI, nails inc, Friday night pamper, weekend pamper, wedding nails, Gellux, clear gel nails, natural nails, pretty nails, NOTD, Gellux gel nails

And having received one of my all time favourite top coats Seche Vite in last months bearth subscriptions I know my nails will be glossy, super shiny and DRY long before I head of to bed this evening.  I normally hate nail polish of a night time because one nails always gets a smudge or imprint, but I know it won’t be a problem with this top coat to hand and I’m hoping it will even conquer the gloopy bits.   I couldn’t leave them plain and had to add a bit of glitter and sparkle, plus its the only item I have ever had with my name spelt on it correctly (even if not pronounced the same) from the Gwen Stefani collection for OPI In True Stefani fashion, my all time favourite glitter polish! 



A Dark Shiny Autumnal #MondayMani

Thanks to Glamour Magazine & Nails Inc

So whenever there is a free beauty product you can pretty much guarantee I’m buying the magazine. This month Glamour have 4 exclusive fabulous shades of Nails Inc to choose from. I normally always pick the red whenever there it is in the choice but decided to be different this time and enjoy a nice Dark Shade. Looking through the packaging I did originally think it was black but as you can see in the photo of the first coat it’s more an aubergine shade, not that you can tell after two coats. I’m using that polish today to share this Autumnal #MondayMani.

Glamour Magazine, Nails Inc, autumnal dark, mondaymani, Monday manicure, NOTD, BEAUTY FREEBIES, Ellie Golding, October, November, 2015

I have become a big fan of nails Inc over the last year and enjoy their collections and products whenever I get my manicured hands on them, this one is no different it is fast drying and high shining I have put it over a clear gel base but that’s only to maintain and protect my nails, it’s super shiny after just two coats and I’m quickly able to get on with my day. The colour becomes an off black after two coats that keeps making me look closer at the shade; I like it it’s mysterious, I was worried my nails look at bit witchy as I currently have them in a point but I’m actually feeling the look.

Be you beautiful, beauty, blog, Glamour Magazine, Nails Inc, autumnal dark, mondaymani, Monday manicure, NOTD, BEAUTY FREEBIES,

I’m tempted to go back and buy up some more shades of this gorgeous collection especially as they are made just for glamour magazine, so not available for purchase and a steal at just £2 (Especially when each free polish is worth £11 and you get a voucher card for 20% off at H&M) I think I’m gonna do that and just give away the free reads of the extra copies over on the Facebook page for someone else to enjoy with a cuppa. It’s a great copy this month with content including an interview with celebrity make up artist Justine Jenkins which I found really inspiring, I felt motivated by the love letter from Hannah Brencher and the story of her success in making a movement of love and happiness with writing letters, I LOLed at the selfie pics & tips and enjoyed the latest autumn winter style, fashion, hair & beauty… Oh I do love a good magazine and dream shopping!


What are your nails looking like on this manicure Monday? Are you wearing one of the Glamour Nails Inc Colours right now? 


Nails Inc Uptown Nail Polish Review

Nails inc, nail polish review, uptown, nails, giveaway, win

As a professional I expect my polishes to deliver results and have me bowled over, and since I started out in the industry Nails Inc have been a brand I have watched and admired go from strength to strength and their product range grow and develop significantly.

I received this polish this month as part of a subscription. Whilst the results when it comes to the consistency and ease of application, fast drying leaving an even coverage of colour with beautiful shine are all 5/5 you have to love the nail colour you are applying, it has to be appealing and a colour that suits. This shade Uptown for me wasn’t; it clashed with my skin tone and as a result it became dull and unnoticed however having googled it the results on others are beautiful with a lot more tone and depth.

Nails Inc, Gel effect nail polish, uptown, beauty box, subscription, giveaway, win
Whilst it’s the perfect Autumnal Rosey Neutral its simply the wrong shade choice and because of that I can’t review its longevity as I took it off after 24hours however having tried their gel effects range before with great results I would recommend adding them to your collection. Nails Inc is a high end brand and so comes with the higher end price tag when it comes to nail polishes, if you are like me and have a never ending collection of all sorts, price becomes almost irrelevant it’s the shade, the collection, the result or the newest launch that suckers me in but at £15 it may be an indulgent purchase or treat so be sure to check out their full range of Gel Effects Nail Polish colours here before picking your purchase.

If you like this shade of Uptown to be heading to your town 😂 you could win it this September just by signing up to the Be You Beautiful Newsletter, one subscriber will be picked at random and have this polish sent out to them just click on the image below.

Nails Inc, Gel effect nail polish, uptown, beauty box, subscription, giveaway, win



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