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Somedays I Miss The Old Business Name

I Came Here To Update But Not Like This …

Its only now that I am sat down to update and edit the website and blog, I realise that I don’t enjoy my new business name as much as I did my last. I love the message of Be You Beautiful and making women see their own beauty is still at the forefront of each of my services and every treatment I offer. It doesnt feel the same though, it doesn’t make me cheeky grin like Sweet Cheeks Beauty did each time I say my business name and it doesn’t garner the same giggly smiley reaction either. One that I feel made more of a lasting impression.

Why Did I Change It Anyway?

I changed the name for a number of reasons; I had been working since I first started as sweet cheeks beauty, I felt I had matured as had my client and that it sounded silly and cheap and I was way beyond all that.

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And What About Now?

Now in hindsight I realise im never actually going to fully mature. My clients love my fun energetic nature and I like too make people smile from the start. Also a name didn’t make it cheap. My lack of self worth and confidence made me devalue what I was offering. A name change didn’t help it much either, only my new marketing efforts behind the brand relaunch.

Fuck im literally discovering all this as I write… don’t you just love a bit of free flow writing and discovery. 

Be you beautiful, mobile beauty, kent beauty, make up artist, beauty therapist, nail technician

Since naming my business it makes me cringe a little, how many similar businesses there are locally with the same or a really similar name to mine. I now know one was set up before me called Beautiful You but two similar have followed within a 5 mile radius. I feel I cant stand out locally let alone online. It is weirdly frustrating, standing out in a crowd is kinda my thing I guess.

There is a thing in your brain called the reticular activator it filters stuff and flashes up things of noticeable importance as you see them and mine seems to be in full force with the Be You Beautiful business name. It is everywhere I look. I am pretty sure I have seen some form of be you beautiful, beyoutiful, be you, be you be beautiful and other mixes all as business names or tag lines. Its so boring, I feel boring.

Right thats it I’m putting it to vote on the socials, head over to insta stories or the facebook page if you want to join in. I’m pretty sure about how I feel about it; but that could be me being hasty on the whole ‘new year, fresh start’ theme I guess.

10 Benefits of A Spray Tan & Why I Love Them

So early on the first Monday of the year, although it was a bit grey and cold, I woke up early got all the kids school and breakfast bits ready, then drank my cuppa as I set up my spray tanning tent and equipment. And whilst I’m not clever enough to spray tan myself (can you even imagine trying?!?).  I am blessed because I taught my other half how to spray tan!

I’ve shared a few clips on my insta stories and over on the page.

I have created this post as I really wanted to share the benefits of a good spray tan. My favourite benefit is the all round feel good factor it gives you with added body confidence and I Love delivering that to women through the spray tanning services I provide.

10 Benefits of Spray Tanning

Quick Application

With full consultation, clothes off, full tan, dry, clothes on your in and out glowing and golden in 25 minutes.

Instant Results

Due to the spray tan guide colour you can see your tan as it’s applied. This colour develops and once washed off you are left with a slightly lighter even tan that lasts up to 10 days.

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Choose Your Spray Tan Tone

Light, medium, dark, very dark, a mist, a spray, a definition tan. There is a tan to suit everyone.

Easy Preperation

Exfoliating the body before a tan removes dead skin cells. Leaving the skin refreshed, looking and feeling smoother providing an even base for your tan and taking care of your skin.

Aftercare with Added Benefits

Taking time to moisturise and love our bodies whilst nourishing and hydrating our skin, so taking care of your tan.

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Streak Free Amazing Coverage

When applied by a pro using professional products and with a fully prepped base your tan is sure to be streak free, even toned and fabulous.

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Golden Glow without the Damage

Ultimately spray tans are safe and provide you with a tan without the damage because sun bathing in harmful uva and uvb rays is not good for anybodies skin.

  • *added benefit no tan lines, t-shirt marks, flip flop feet or worse sunburn like a squashie

Body Appears Slimmer & More Toned

With a spray tan you can define and tone all the right places, accentuating features and making you appear slimmer. A spray tan can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks, varicose veins and skin pigmentation.

Feel Good & Boost Your Confidence

A tan just makes you feel good. It makes you smile more, it makes your teeth look whiter and your eyes look brighter. It makes you reach for the brighter clothes in your wardrobe, it makes you pay attention to and love your body a little bit more.

In a survey carried out by tan brand Sienna X 90% of women who had been spray tanned said they immediately felt more confident.

Stay Tanned All Year Round

Living in the uk sunshine is limited. You never know when you may get some sunshine or a break away to guarantee you natural tan, a spray tan can guarantee you a feel good glow all year round.

If you have your spray tan done with me other benefits include…

I put you at ease. I get it -You‘re about to strip off and you are nervous and that’s ok I’ll put you at ease make you feel comfortable and encourage you not to be so shy about your beautiful self. I’ll even share my hang ups if it makes you feel less alone ❤️

I’m funny – I tell dan this all the time, I’m hilarious. Even if I’m not I can normally generate a bit of laughter with my own stories to keep you happy and distracted why you are freezing and nearly naked.

I’m experienced. I’ve been trained in tans over ten years and I’ve done multiple courses with a few of the big brands. Including two levels of tanning with Fake Bake my chosen premium brand,  defintion tanning with LDN Skins and product training with Sienna X. I’ve tanned all ages, shapes, sizes . I feel confident helping you decide what tan is best for you, delivering it professionally and giving you the results you want.

I’m a perfectionist. I put a lot into the prep, precision and professional skills applied. I love my job and what I get to do and when I send you out, I want you out wearing the best tan, being the best you and feeling beautiful because of my work.

To find out more or to book contact here or over on the page, online booking coming soon. 

Have you had a spray tan? What did you love or what puts you off? I’d love to know. I personally love them and think they are such a confidence boosting treat, I wish more women would get past their hang ups or tan fears to try one. 

New Beauty Treatment | Why I’m Loving Lash Lifts

Last week I finally trained in lash lifts, I’ve been wanting to do this since seeing it at the beauty show a few years ago but you know, life happens and I just hadn’t got round to it.

The training was a day and I was really lucky I got the chance to be model for our teacher Angela and work on two models! This meant not only did I leave with beautiful lashes I got to train, experience, learn and question with two totally different types of lashes. It was great. One of my models already had long curly lashes but they went all ways and were quite fair on the ends so the results were still so striking and clear.

I found the process quite easy to learn and thanks to my ITEC beauty training knew the background, A&P and contraindications to eye treatments already. I find this reassuring as it’s not a big focus in the days training but the process is and I nailed it!

I then spent the weekend with models booked in so I could work on my set up, flow and perfecting the process. I loved it, I loved chatting with everyone booked in, I loved that I was making people feel beautiful with what they’ve got, I loved the results, the models loved the results too, I really loved their faces when they first looked in the mirror!

What I did learn is I need to work on my photography skills for my before and after pics as the ones above and below really don’t do the work or results justice! 

Patch test required 24 hours prior to treatment.                                      Available mobile or in salon.

20 MODEL SPACES @ JUST £20 (saving £15) 9 BOOKED 11 REMAINING

What’s Happening with Minx Nails In the UK.

If you don’t know what Minx nails are, welcome, I’m hoping you are new to the site, if not…where have you been?? Minx is one of my favourite treatments to offer at Be You Beautiful. Their slogan being ‘ extend fashion to your finger tips’ adored by many, seen on endless catwalks and covers, with a huge celebrity following, a treatment I trained in with session tech to the stars Liza Smith through her role as an ambassador and representative of Sweet Squared about 10 years ago and I’ve been offering it ever since. Obviously more popular in the summer with it’s often super shiny foils I can give you 10 reason Minx are loved in an instant, infact i did right here. Anyway, I’m not here to sell them to you because they are becoming endangered in the uk and I’m a little bit devastated.

What’s changing with Minx Nails in the UK?

When I went to order and couldn’t find all the designs I was looking for online, I called up the distributor Sweet Squared. These guys are my favourite supplier I have to order from, their customer service is like no other and they are one of the most friendly and helpful teams. As the only Minx distributors in the uk they have chosen to have streamline the designs stocked. They are gone from the hundreds down to just 10 that will be available, and whilst they are pretty and do mean I’ll be able to continue to offer them for the foreseeable future, they pale in comparison to the current choice of hundreds that are available.

And so I obviously, stocked up. Like seriously stocked up.

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For a few reasons; Firstly I want to be able to continue to offer my clients an extensive choice of fashion to their fingertips and whilst I know that many clients love pedicures, Gels and glittery nails, I have lots that love Minx and I want to continue to astound them with the beauty and choice available. Secondly it meant I could let clients reserve and hold designs they love with a small deposit for minx appointments in the next 24 months. Also I could see lots I hadn’t before they were gone and try and judge what ones would continue to get picked, and oh my gosh already some of the designs that have been held are beautiful so my second order is going in this week!

Minx nails, nails by, Be You Beautiful, beauty therapist Gravesend, beauty kent, minx designs, nail foils, September special,

You can see my Facebook live of my latest delivery here, please excuse my usual waffle and ramblings, I get so excited about what I get to do.

If you wanted to get some shiny stand out toes and make the most of the last of this years sunshine, get booked in through the contact page.  Don’t forget to give us a like and follow to stay updated with the latest posts and pics.

10 Reasons I Love Minx Nails

Minx Nails are a polymer foil like a sticker applied to the nail after being heated, mess free with amazing results. With chrome, custom and patterned minx there is a design for everyone to fall in love with. They last 6-8 weeks on toes and around 4-10 days on fingers, making the later more of a special occasion treatment.

I’ve been qualified in Minx for over 10 years now, originally training with celebrity tech Liza Smith through the company serving the pros Sweet Squared. As a way to celebrate my little anniversary I’m sharing ten things I love about Minx Nails

1. Unique, beautiful, eye catching designs that really do extend fashion to your fingertips with a huge range by artists and designers the variety blows me away.

2. How excited people get looking through and selecting their designs.

3. Lots of them are super shiny and show stopping, when wearing them I often catch people staring at my toes. 

Minx nails uk, minx nails, minx discontinued, nails by, Be You Beautiful, beauty therapist Gravesend, beauty kent, minx designs, nail foils, September special,

4. Some of the designs make the perfect gel overlays, another fun way to minx it up and get creative.

10 reasons I love Minx Nails, minx nails, minx over Gels, minx overlay, be You Beautiful, beauty, Kent, London, south east

5. There are a range of minx perfect for the bridal season and it’s a great additional service at pamper parties for hens and brides.

6. I love any excuse to celebrate, decorate and have fun and so do Minx, there are lots of fun and cute seasonal designs. They have got loads covered including valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

7. Last 4-8 weeks on toes and around a week on hands and are a perfect self indulgent and stylish treat.

8. Seen on covers and catwalks around the world they are really loved in the fashion industry. 

9. It’s not just he fashion industry celebrities love them too, regularly seen on the likes of Beyonce, Katy Perry, P!nk, featured on Lady Gagas album cover and so many more.

Minx nails, celebrity nails, 10 reasons I love Minx, minx nails, Be You Beautiful, beauty, kent, London, south east,

10. I’m trained as a Minx Pro, it’s something I am really proud of and I still really love treating clients too, i love how surprised and excited clients get with the end result, and the longetivity of Minx toes makes it a really popular choice for clients.

So there you have it 10 reason I love Minx Nails. I thought I’d share this extra bit. I love that my partner always makes me laugh and is super supportive of me doing what I do so when I just told him I was doing a blog on 10 reasons I love Minx, he counted his 10 finger nails and said just do each one different. He gets it, he gets I’m super passionate but also that these are really are so cool and transformational. 

Have you ever had Minx? Maybe you can think of another reason other than my ten on why you think they rock.

Be You Beautiful ~ Mobile Beauty Kent | Latest Work & August Promos

So back in May I started a part time day job as temporary cover for a year. I’m very lucky because it’s in the hair and beauty industry, meaning I’m surrounded by products I love, new releases and lots of learning opportunities. It has however effected how I’m working doing mobile beauty kent how much I’m posting and me learning to find the balance between the day job, my life and family and ‘doing it all’ for Be You Beautiful. So I figured a quick post was needed to update you on some of my latest work & August promos.

Latest Work

I haven’t done huge amounts of promotion, I haven’t pushed for new clients and often I am so comfortable with my regulars I forget to take snaps of my work. Here are a few of the latest images…

Latest work, August Update and latest offers, Be You Beautiful, mobile beauty kent

August Promos

☀️ Sun-Shining Summer Sizzler not only am I loving the shine of minx foils, the sparkle of Lecenté and the feel good feeling of a spray tan I want everyone else to love it and feel awesome this summer too. So as a totally amazing summer offer with huge savings you can get this great summer saver throughout August.

August Update Offers, August beauty offers, mobile beauty kent, treatment offers, Be You Beautiful, August 2018,

☀️ Also as I have been so useless snapping my latest work throughout August so any clients who take pics and check in on Facebook or tag @Stefani.BeYouBeautiful on Instagram get sent a free mini surprise.

☀️ Sign up to the newsletter to find out about the latest training I have signed up for and the amazing taster treatment days I will be hosting, where you get to trial new treatments at amazing prices! Spaces will be offered to current clients, then newsletter subscribers before any spaces going out on social media.

More To Follow

There are lots of amazing summer launches and new products I’m loving right now so there will be lots of blogs in the coming weeks with the latest products I have tried,tested, used and reviewed.

10 Things I Love About Bloglovin’

Whilst I Try to Verify My Website

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

I need to create a blog post to verify my Be You Beautiful website on my Bloglovin’ account. So I figured whilst I was doing it rather than an odd post in the middle of nowhere on my blog I would add a bit more to it.

10 Reasons I’m Lovin’ Bloglovin’


Its easy to sign up and connect your Blogs


Its use and layout ooze simplicity and are a joy to use. Just look.

10 reasons, lovin Bloglovin', bloglovin', beauty, blogger, blog platform, getting my blog out there


Your Blogs still get page views when read through Bloglovin’. I don’t know how many other similar platforms there are that do this but I liked that it would only help my numbers grow further.


I can display both my blogs in one fend despite the fact that this one is beauty and my other family based. It’s a nice way to bring it all together and showcase what I do more as a whole.


I read through others people blogs so much more. They are all  in one place making it such an easy and joyful read. I could read through based on category, latest or the feed of blogs I follow.


It is also easy to follow and share other people’s blogs. All stuff that really excites me as I work on building online connections and relationships.


They track your stats for you. It’s on a graph shows you your reach followers etc, mine is currently a flatline so little point in me showing you! 😆


Over 20 million people use Bloglovin’ to read and share blogs. That’s all kinds of awesome.


Even difficulties aren’t that difficult. Seriously even when I couldn’t fathom the RSS feed on my Mum and Monsters site a little Google, an update and one click made it all sorted


There is even an App! Check it out here.


Are you one of the twenty million using Bloglovin’? If so come find me say hi, share your favourite blogs and I’ll be sure to follow you and stay up to date!!



Why I Choose Neals Yard Remedies at Be You Beautiful

Yesterday I put in my personal skincare order! I ran out of all my favs over the last month!

As I’ve been with Neals yard a whole year now I figured I would share with you what made me choose them in the first place.

Why I choose Neals yard remedies, nyr, Neals yard, frankincense, skincare, be you beautiful, cleanse and tone, moisturise, beauty therapistWhilst I test many products through my job and through my blog, many of which I love (some I don’t) I have some products I use religiously. For example I love how I feel when I cleanse and tone with the frankincense range in the morning I feel refreshed and not like I have stayed up ridiculously late the night beforehand.

It was this initial love for just two products that made me talk to my friend Sophie over at Indulgence Holistic Treatments about using the products within my business Be You Beautiful just because I wanted to share these products with my clients in treatments. I signed up, no pushiness or pressure from soph, no need to make it my sole focus, no targets, I chose Neals Yard and here’s why….

💜I loved them … The feel, the smell, the texture, the packaging I could go on, I think a passion and belief in any product shines through.
💜They are organic. Whilst not important to all my clients, over the last ten years within the industry I’ve noticed people becoming more conscious of what they apply to their skin . They are also really ethical and open about their ingredients, where the are from etc.  That is an added bonus to me.
💜I wanted to offer a complete range of skincare that I felt I could break down, learn and use to address all clients needs.  Sensitive, dry, normal, oily, young, old, dull, whatever the clients issue was I wanted something on hand to offer a solution.
💜It gave me the opportunity to keep in touch with beauty treatments, products and updates through online training and in store training something that personally I love and is super important to me.
💜They are AWARD WINNING …..over and over again!
💜They Pay It Forward. To animals, to people, to our planet, and I find that pretty awesome.

You can find out loads more on the website (they set up and provide for me) here

I’m really not selling you anything just explaining my choice for the skincare ranges I use in treatments. You can get a free skincare consultation with me anytime, online or in person. I’m really not a pushy sales person (infact sales is my weakness) if you want more info, to find out more or try a product, buy something, book a facial, book a girls night in (with range of treatments) …. then I’m here. It’s what I do, it’s what I love and I’m more than happy to help and make a difference. For my clients, my team and my beautified self! (When I get 5 minutes to pamper myself in between work and the kids that is!)

Anyway, whilst I wait for my latest order to arrive join in the chat in the comments below or over on the Facebook page!

Thank You 2015 it’s been emotional, amazing and fast!

WOW what a year! I know it’s flown by but I didn’t actually realise the full extent to all the awesomeness I have achieved in this year. Instead like many I was focussing on the shitty bits that seem to resurface year after year, the small challenges sent to guide us. It was only when I sat down with my Leonie Dawson 2016 planner and had to look at this past year I actually pushed myself to think of all the things big and small!

Thank You 2015, Leonie Dawson planners, business, working mum, preparing for 2016, feeling fabulous, be you beautiful

So what have I actually done? 

As well as trying my best to work through very shite hypremisis gravadium, my biggest achievement wasn’t in business but in my personal life completing our little family with the arrival of our third beautiful baby and this time it was a pink one! I don’t talk about them much on here instead I gush about them on my other blog, but couldn’t let the moment slip by of achievements without including these 3….

My beautiful children, my biggest achievement, blessed, beautiful, natural shot, be you beautiful, mum and monsters

So to inspire you to sit reflect and say thanks to all the awesome sauce of 2015 here are my amazing, fabulous, kinda cool achievements for my business this year….

⭐️I renamed & rebranded from Sweet Cheeks Beauty to Be You Beautiful.

⭐️I got to run a business that I love and that I’m passionate about around my beautiful kids.

⭐️I made my face “funny for money & raised money for Comic Relief

⭐️Networking with inspiring women & painting nails red for British Heart Foundation

⭐️I got to connect and work with Andrea Beadle I have never come across someone so wholehearted and passionate in helping others connect with themselves, it was these sessions that helped me see my blocks and the bigger picture

⭐️Going on a web design course so I could create and manage Be You Beautiful & Mum & Monsters

⭐️Bribing my clients with chocolate so I remembered to take pics of the pretty nails I create!

⭐️I ran my first survey to get to know my clients make up & beauty needs better and got over 300 responses!

⭐️I got to paint mummies & little princess nails every fortnight, whilst watching my own son play with new friends at playgroup

⭐️I started to dip my toe and become a little more consistent with blogging. In 2016 I need to be realistic and not try and blog all the time to actually get nowhere. Gonna keep it simple with little and often but oh my we are gonna grow!

⭐️I got to share me a bit more so my clients are able to know (sometimes love) and trust me!

⭐️I got to pamper myself and test lots of new products and amazing brands.

⭐️I got to attend swanky events like the Fortnum & Mason beauty evening with Marie Claire & indulging evenings trying new launches with Jo Malone

⭐️I got to learn from some of the best in their business like the PR workshop with Antonia Mariconda (a great follow up to the blogging workshop)and omg that women is jaw dropping beautiful and so inspiring for me in business

⭐️I created a video to share this website … Next year I’m hoping to do videos where I talk and stuff (really!!) but last week my attempt at a make up tutorial with the middle monster assisting ended up being more of a comedy sketch than any know how!

⭐️I won a Happy Gravesham Award for being …. Can you guess? This was presented to me by the Mayor and created by a happiness and confidence ambassador and someone totally inspiring Genny Jones (she is all kind of awesome!)

⭐️My Facebook page reached over a 1000 likes and my other platforms continued to grow.

⭐️I got to connect, share and support others in business which makes me feel very lucky.

⭐️I got to meet, chat, befriend and work with some very special, cool and wonderful clients.

⭐️I got to work with brands for reviews and to retail, I get new products arriving every month I love continuing to learn through trying new stuff!

⭐️Sharing the power of make up in a positive way

⭐️Learning constantly through online courses and expert webinars

⭐️Creating cool PDFs, doodles & collages to plan, promote and put Be You Beautiful out there more

⭐️I got to be creative, share what I’m passionate about, do what I love

⭐️Buying th planners, starting an accountability group, joining a business members circle and actually supporting myself in achieving all those big dreams and plans I was too scared (and often to sick)  to do this year!



Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone, Monday Motivation..

I have another little blog, I don’t really tell people about.  It’s about me as a Mum and just dealing with life in general and it makes me feel exposed and maybe a bit too open when people I know read it. Which is exactly what happened this weekend when my Mum wanted me to share a post and I didnt think through the way Facebook now shares every move you bloody make even with private settings!

It’s not that I’m embarrassed, more anxious and nervous of being judged, I wanted to be able to divide my work and my day to day, but to have the chance to write about both. Anyway it’s out there now and so I just have to grin and bear it and hope hey all forget about it soon. Having said that by stepping out my comfort zone by accident, I realised how much it can take you towards your goals, how much it can make you grow and that actually it isn’t too scary.

So it took me towards my goal by making my Mum and Monsters blog reach its highest number in a day so far EVER it was pretty awesome watching the numbers go up and in the end 280 had read that blog post and visited my website in one day! That’s pretty cool for little old me. It made me grow a pair, in that I shouldn’t be so bloody scared and also maybe helped me squash my anxiety just a little bit more. And it isn’t too scary because infact once it was out there, I had lots of loving words, support and kindness coming from family, friends and people I work with. So all that has inspired my Monday Motivtion for you today, what could you do this week that will help you grow by taking a step outside your comfort zone?

Stepping outside your comfort zone, motivation, inspiration, quotes, Monday motivation, mum, beauty, working, taking chances, feel the fear and do it anyway



#MondayMotivation Mistakes are Okay!

Monday motivation, #MondayMotivation, business, mumpreneur, be you beautiful, mistakes are ok, live and learn, trial & error

Business can be tough and mistakes are okay! In a world where everything is advancing quickly, where there is always something new to learn and always new fabulous people to connect with we can’t get it perfect all the time … And why would we want to!

I love this Monday Motivation quote especially after a weekend of trying to make sure the rebrands complete, that the websites all working, getting my head round google analytics and designing funnels for all the new launches to come November-January.

I’m part of some fabulous business support groups on Facebook and two in particular I love are CEO Mums Business Club and Women Inspiring Women. Last week a lady shared the story of Thomas Eddison and his view on mistakes (despite scrolling through for last 50 minutes in both groups I can’t find original post to credit and instead became distracted by all the awesomeness).  And I’m sure like many you have heard this inspiring story before. I had, but having made tons of mistakes this weekend it just reiterated its ok, stopped me getting stressed and reminded me I’m moving in the right direction.

Thomas Edison’s teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything.”  As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” I have also heard it quoted that he found 1,000 ways that didn’t work before finding the one that did, either way every mistake was a stepping stone to moving towards the end result and boy are we glad he didn’t give up! And I’m not giving up anytime soon either, I’m embracing my mistakes, learning from them and pushing forward. It feels fabulous now I’m looking at it in a different light and just thought putting it into a Monday Motivation may help others who feel stuck in a rut or going in circles.



#MondayMotivation Be A Mosquito

Monday. Motivation. #MondayMotivation. Beauty. Inspiration. Anita Roddick. Be You Beautiful.

So I find women like Anita Roddick (founder of The Body Shop) a huge motivation & inspiration anyway, she shaped the way for ethical consumerism and made waves of developments fighting against animal testing and for fair trade in third world countries.

Anita was a Dame, businesswoman, campaigner and inspiration.  This quote brings me a huge smile, too often when considering where I’m heading and my bigger dreams I think “who am I to do that?” Or “I’m just little old me, I couldn’t achieve that” both statements are in fact bullshit and this makes me not only remember that and smile but also think of myself like that mosquito, if I don’t get a bite the first time keep going.

So my beauties what amazing, fabulous, ginormous dreams do you want to set out to achieve? No limits … I’ve been planning for after baby 3s arrival (just under 4 weeks to go) and been really ambitious for the beauty and empowerment I want to create for others, it’s got me all excited.

The Be You Beautiful Blog Coming Soon

BLOG COMING SOON … Like everything else with Be You Beautiful, my blog seems to be a work in progress. Which I find hugely frustrating. I’m in the midsts of creating this website and what I have visioned in my head is totally awesome! It’s beautiful, inspiring and jam packed.

Creating it is a lot tougher than I imagined whilst I’ve been doing courses, studying and working away (as well as being a month away from baby 3) I’m also discovering the stepping stones of where I want to finally head.

Be You Beautiful, Blog Coming Soon, Beauty, News, Reviews

Anyway I just wanted to post this to fill the empty blog page and ask you lovelies to hang in there I’m working on transferring the best posts from the old blog Totally Sweet Cheeks whilst uploading lots of new reviews, content and exciting stuff for you all.


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