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10 Benefits of A Spray Tan & Why I Love Them

So early on the first Monday of the year, although it was a bit grey and cold, I woke up early got all the kids school and breakfast bits ready, then drank my cuppa as I set up my spray tanning tent and equipment. And whilst I’m not clever enough to spray tan myself (can you even imagine trying?!?).  I am blessed because I taught my other half how to spray tan!

I’ve shared a few clips on my insta stories and over on the page.

I have created this post as I really wanted to share the benefits of a good spray tan. My favourite benefit is the all round feel good factor it gives you with added body confidence and I Love delivering that to women through the spray tanning services I provide.

10 Benefits of Spray Tanning

Quick Application

With full consultation, clothes off, full tan, dry, clothes on your in and out glowing and golden in 25 minutes.

Instant Results

Due to the spray tan guide colour you can see your tan as it’s applied. This colour develops and once washed off you are left with a slightly lighter even tan that lasts up to 10 days.

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Choose Your Spray Tan Tone

Light, medium, dark, very dark, a mist, a spray, a definition tan. There is a tan to suit everyone.

Easy Preperation

Exfoliating the body before a tan removes dead skin cells. Leaving the skin refreshed, looking and feeling smoother providing an even base for your tan and taking care of your skin.

Aftercare with Added Benefits

Taking time to moisturise and love our bodies whilst nourishing and hydrating our skin, so taking care of your tan.

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Streak Free Amazing Coverage

When applied by a pro using professional products and with a fully prepped base your tan is sure to be streak free, even toned and fabulous.

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Golden Glow without the Damage

Ultimately spray tans are safe and provide you with a tan without the damage because sun bathing in harmful uva and uvb rays is not good for anybodies skin.

  • *added benefit no tan lines, t-shirt marks, flip flop feet or worse sunburn like a squashie

Body Appears Slimmer & More Toned

With a spray tan you can define and tone all the right places, accentuating features and making you appear slimmer. A spray tan can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks, varicose veins and skin pigmentation.

Feel Good & Boost Your Confidence

A tan just makes you feel good. It makes you smile more, it makes your teeth look whiter and your eyes look brighter. It makes you reach for the brighter clothes in your wardrobe, it makes you pay attention to and love your body a little bit more.

In a survey carried out by tan brand Sienna X 90% of women who had been spray tanned said they immediately felt more confident.

Stay Tanned All Year Round

Living in the uk sunshine is limited. You never know when you may get some sunshine or a break away to guarantee you natural tan, a spray tan can guarantee you a feel good glow all year round.

If you have your spray tan done with me other benefits include…

I put you at ease. I get it -You‘re about to strip off and you are nervous and that’s ok I’ll put you at ease make you feel comfortable and encourage you not to be so shy about your beautiful self. I’ll even share my hang ups if it makes you feel less alone ❤️

I’m funny – I tell dan this all the time, I’m hilarious. Even if I’m not I can normally generate a bit of laughter with my own stories to keep you happy and distracted why you are freezing and nearly naked.

I’m experienced. I’ve been trained in tans over ten years and I’ve done multiple courses with a few of the big brands. Including two levels of tanning with Fake Bake my chosen premium brand,  defintion tanning with LDN Skins and product training with Sienna X. I’ve tanned all ages, shapes, sizes . I feel confident helping you decide what tan is best for you, delivering it professionally and giving you the results you want.

I’m a perfectionist. I put a lot into the prep, precision and professional skills applied. I love my job and what I get to do and when I send you out, I want you out wearing the best tan, being the best you and feeling beautiful because of my work.

To find out more or to book contact here or over on the page, online booking coming soon. 

Have you had a spray tan? What did you love or what puts you off? I’d love to know. I personally love them and think they are such a confidence boosting treat, I wish more women would get past their hang ups or tan fears to try one. 

New Beauty Treatment | Why I’m Loving Lash Lifts

Last week I finally trained in lash lifts, I’ve been wanting to do this since seeing it at the beauty show a few years ago but you know, life happens and I just hadn’t got round to it.

The training was a day and I was really lucky I got the chance to be model for our teacher Angela and work on two models! This meant not only did I leave with beautiful lashes I got to train, experience, learn and question with two totally different types of lashes. It was great. One of my models already had long curly lashes but they went all ways and were quite fair on the ends so the results were still so striking and clear.

I found the process quite easy to learn and thanks to my ITEC beauty training knew the background, A&P and contraindications to eye treatments already. I find this reassuring as it’s not a big focus in the days training but the process is and I nailed it!

I then spent the weekend with models booked in so I could work on my set up, flow and perfecting the process. I loved it, I loved chatting with everyone booked in, I loved that I was making people feel beautiful with what they’ve got, I loved the results, the models loved the results too, I really loved their faces when they first looked in the mirror!

What I did learn is I need to work on my photography skills for my before and after pics as the ones above and below really don’t do the work or results justice! 

Patch test required 24 hours prior to treatment.                                      Available mobile or in salon.

20 MODEL SPACES @ JUST £20 (saving £15) 9 BOOKED 11 REMAINING

#SaveYourSelfie Fake Bake Friday

Fake Bake Friday

Tonight I have a beautiful bunch of ladies booked in for a Fake Bake Party at Home. I love these parties firstly they are always fun because it’s a bunch of friends having a night in together, secondly I get to do what I love and finally I know the confidence a tan can bring to any woman wearing one! Natural or fake!

I really enjoy my job and I love that I can work with brand who’s ethos, support and messages of safety and empowerment continue to shine through. Fake Bake was the first brand I chose when I trained in spray tanning back in 2007 and whilst I have trained with other brands since, in my experience my clients are happier with the menu and services I am able to offer using the Fake Bake Brand.


Their current empowering charity campaign for the summer is to get women truly embracing some self love and confidence and I couldn’t be happier. They are asking everyone to get involved #SaveYourSelfie and share it online and get others involved too! There are even Fake Bake Prizes up for Grabs!

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Through the campaign and their ongoing work Fake Bake will be supporting the charities RAFT and Coppafeel, you can read lots more about the charities, support and fake bakes ongoing campaign of confidence in their latest summer magazine by clicking the image below.

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Now My Turn

#saveyourselfie, my selfie, be you beautiful, beauty blogger, beauty kent, beauty London, fake bake

Fake Bake put it to us therapists to dig a little deeper and share our stories.

Most see those within the beauty industry beautified, beaming and full of confidence, ready and able to take on the world. The reality my tan, nails and make up are often the boosts I need to be able to step out into the world.

I Lost All My Confidence At School

I went to an all girls school where my best friends created lists of size/beauty/hair/popularity/possessions and ranked us…I don’t think I ever came in top 3. They also gave me nicknames I’d laugh at despite not understanding and then they would wait a few months to humiliate me by explaining exactly how they were taking the piss. I was a Tom boy only child who at the point didn’t know/care how to make myself beautiful or to care for myself properly. I did myself no favours and as a result spent 5 years with these friends, constantly longing to be accepted and included.

The summer I broke up from year 11 I got diagnosed with depression and their constant out casting and jibes and taken a massive toll on my self confidence. I spent a summer with a different group of friends (much to my mums horror she knew none of them) and I learnt to ROYALLY NOT GIVE A FUCK! I found out that actually once school finished any link with these losers was null and void and that their petty attitudes wouldn’t actually take them far in the real world. I also learnt to look after myself, I presented myself better, I became more like a girl than a tomboy, emo, or whatever other stage I went through.

I did get my own back a little I remember bumping in to one of the most popular girls at a club a couple of years later (funny thing is I had loads of real mates having a total laugh and she looked a misery by the toilets) as I went to the loos she stopped me and said “why did you stop talking to us?” to which I replied (rather smugly) “oh I am surprised your head is out your arse to notice, but to be honest we all know you all hated me so why fake it any longer” and walked off! I will say it’s important to find a point where you let go of anger from others opinions, I let them define me for so long, I tried to be so many different things just to be accepted and none of it worked because I’d lost me!

I Started Working In The Hair & Beauty Industry

HAHA the irony that this little grot bag tomboy got a job as a Saturday junior in a hair salon, a job that taught me so much about how I present myself, the real world, working relationships and my love for people! I then went on to get a part time job in House of Fraser and within 18 months was managing and merchandising two small matts French Connection and Miss Sixty, I was also the first to get recognition and training direct from the brands and a uniform supplied by them for me and the team I worked with. I learnt in this role I could be powerful, if I was confident in my applying my learning and knowledge and applying my people skills!

I then took this confidence and applied for a job in the beauty industry, an industry where experience was always required but rarely given and an industry of very made up and beautiful people. I don’t know how I done it but I got a job with Estée Lauder, I worked my arse off to prove I could learn and do exactly as they wanted, I showed them ways I’d apply what I’d learnt so far in retail and branding to their principals and beliefs. I got the job!

It was hard, scary, I was petrified of making people over to begin with, I got lost in the routines, right words and link sales. But I persisted, I learnt so much and I excelled. I worked with a team of great girls with years of experience between them and I’m so lucky they were the first team I got to work with they nurtured me, built up my confidence and taught me tonnes on self love and BEAUTY!!

I then went on to work for Christian Dior, my manager was an awesome women, who has the best name, who is still my friend today. Steph (to save confusion I call her big weff) made me learn so much, supported me in becoming confident with make up, made me value myself more and was just a hugely supportive bundle of fun , she made me laugh all the time and made up a lot of what I had lost. I don’t think she even realises this now (shit I’m crying… She will laugh at that!).

My Point

This is a long time ago and lots of things have happened since, many of which I could of included to show how believing in myself, having support and mustering up confidence can make dramatic differences to your life. But this is where it all started for me that realisation different chapters in our life hold different stories, people, challenges and adventures and I get the pleasure of chosing how I write mine.

You see after a chapter of my life in which my self confidence was battered, bruised and I was questioning everything about myself. I went on to a chapter of finding myself, confidence and the chance to surround myself with women who could teach me just that! I feel very lucky for that opportunity and I feel passionate about continuing that through my work now. Whether talking one to one with a client, making everyone feel comfortable at a pamper party, telling a woman about my surf board body and non existence boobs to make them feel ok stripping off for a tan, I do groups in schools working with teen girls, I am about to launch a series of workshops for mums and women in business, and I blog about life and works through my blogs, whilst having an awesome adventure along the way.

Self Confidence

Self confidence really is continuously learnt we live in a world where many outlets are trying to take that confidence away, when I first shared my selfie over on Instagram this is what I wrote about my go to for self confidence now.
“For me my confidence boost is colour! Whether that’s a bright top, a tan, nails, lipstick or bronzer, I need colour just to give me the boost make me look alive (3 kids ya know!!) and give my confidence its daily Boost.”

Get involved

I would love for you to get involved, share what makes you confident and a gorgeous selfie. As well as doing the #SaveYourSelfie please also include #BeYouBeautiful if you took part because of me. Not because I am vain or getting any reward, but because I want to smile knowing you read this and are empowering others because of it too!

Have a fab day beautiful!



Getting Help

I said briefly about being diagnosed with depression this has been reoccurring and something I can discuss and asses quite openly. However it’s not that easy for everyone and I wouldn’t have come as far as I have without the fantastic support and help of Mind, if you need hep and support I really do recommend reaching out to them.



My Friday Night Pamper Hands & Nails. Neutral Sparkles

Time for a Friday night pamper hands & nails style. With the baby due in less than a week I thought it time I cut the talons down. Whilst I plan on giving birth in hospital I don’t want my other half having to go to A&E with a savaged hand where I tear him to pieces with these bad boys …

Nails, nails inc, Monday manicure, NOTD, pamper,

Even just clenching my own fists I leave sharp indentations, I dare to think what I could do with them in labour.  I digress with nonsense stories.

I have taken my nails right down to all be  uniformed length and have a clear Gellux Gel just to protect them and keep them stronger. I also used Nails inc. cuticle oil pen and OPI Avojuice hand cream before popping them in my hospital bag, (all the anti bacterial gels in hospitals make my hands so dry). So now all pampered and shiny my nails look like this.

Friday night pamper, weekend pamper, wedding nails, Gellux, clear gel nails, natural nails, pretty nails, NOTD, Gellux gel nails

Part of me is tempted to be lazy and leave them like this but im going to a wedding tomorrow so need something pretty.

My nail polish kit, my nail polishes, be you beautiful, OPI, nails inc, Friday night pamper, weekend pamper, wedding nails, Gellux, clear gel nails, natural nails, pretty nails, NOTD, Gellux gel nails

After contemplating a few reds and brights I have opted for a neutral BORN by LOLA BARCELONA just because I don’t want my hands to look to garish should baby make an appearance anytime soon and I don’t know what I’m wearing to the wedding tomorrow, (about to burst my choices are limited by the big low belly).

This polish is a little gloopy so you have to make sure you drain the brush of excess but with balance; as it streaks if not enough polish on brush and can be unforgiving trying to go over. With a little extra patience the first coat looks pretty a nude pink tone with a subtle shimmer not a colour I would normally choose but I’m going for neutral and nice. After leaving the base coat to dry and applying the second coat the colour is deeper mauve/pink with a very soft shimmer within it.  The application felt messy the brush didn’t evenly distribute meaning it had to be worked on the nail, but not too much for risk of dragging the polish (even though I drank a cuppa before applying second coat)

My nail polish kit, my nail polishes, be you beautiful, OPI, nails inc, Friday night pamper, weekend pamper, wedding nails, Gellux, clear gel nails, natural nails, pretty nails, NOTD, Gellux gel nails

And having received one of my all time favourite top coats Seche Vite in last months bearth subscriptions I know my nails will be glossy, super shiny and DRY long before I head of to bed this evening.  I normally hate nail polish of a night time because one nails always gets a smudge or imprint, but I know it won’t be a problem with this top coat to hand and I’m hoping it will even conquer the gloopy bits.   I couldn’t leave them plain and had to add a bit of glitter and sparkle, plus its the only item I have ever had with my name spelt on it correctly (even if not pronounced the same) from the Gwen Stefani collection for OPI In True Stefani fashion, my all time favourite glitter polish! 



Beauty Advent Calendars 2015 Christmas Beauty #WishlistWednesday

There are more fabulous beauty advent calendars 2015 than ever before, and being so kind I thought I would research them all for you and make a REEEEAAALLLLY LONG Wishlist!

So here are the freshest 20 I have found, the prices range from budget to blowout and most are limited edition.  These are advent calendars jam packed with beauty, fragrance and nail treats often with a lot more value than the retail that they cost.The best of. Top 20. Beauty advent calendars 2015. Be you beautiful. Wish list Wednesday. Budget to blowout.

(Top to Bottom & Right To Left)

1. You Beauty Advent Calendar £59.95 

I have put this one at the top because I think it’s the one I’m most likely to purchase (haha like I will only be able to purchase 1/20). This has over £330 of products crammed behind the doors specialising in premium brands it includes the likes of Burts Bees, Benefit, Cowshed, Molton Brown and Nuxe to name a few.

2.  Marks & Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar £25.00* available from November.

This is £25.00 when you spend £25.00 in any department of M&S. Having Bluewater so close by I love their beauty department in store, the brands they have on board are refreshing to your standard beauty department and include Ren, Stila, Rituals & Philip Kingsley.

3.  Ciatè Advent Calendar £49.99

Having had the Ciate Advent Calendar previously I do love them but you can’t enjoy a polish a day I just don’t have time it’s great to build up a premium nail collection especially if you paint your nails on the go and want a polish that last, Ciate is a brand I love and I’m sure this will be jam packed of the seasons must have colours as well as the staple colours needed for any collection and a few essentials and accessories! I do love the London themed box too it’s so pretty!

4. Jo Malone Townhouse Advent Calendar £260.00 available 1st November

I want it so bad it hurts, anyone who followed the old blog knows how much I simply adore Jo Malone (is my go to all time favourite fragrance I use it sparingly on special days and to make me the epitome of luxury)

5. Benefit Party Poppers Advent Calendar £34.50

Only 12 doors on this one but with Benefit Favourites packed behind worth £79 including some I totally rate like the POREfessional PRO balm, BADgal lash volumizing mascara and ooh la lift undereye brightener.

The best of. Top 20. Beauty advent calendars 2015. Be you beautiful. Wish list Wednesday. Budget to blowout.

(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

6. Selfridges Cosmic Beauty Advent Calendar £95.00

Filled with 24 luxurious mini treats, the fact that it’s selected from one of the most beautiful, energetic and indulgent  beauty halls e plains the price. Included are some of the world’s best beauty brands including Kiehl’s, Lancome, YSL, Viktor and Rolf and more. With a very limited availability you can sign up below to be the first to know when it launches

7.  Bomb Cosmetics Advent Calendar £19.99

This is such a cute idea as a gift we don’t often buy bath bombs and treats for ourselves so I guess also a great way to pamper ourselves more too! Handmade and natural there are 24 days of bath bombs and rozzers to indulge and spoil I between all that shopping and wrapping in December.

8. Tanya Burr Cosmetics Deck The Halls Advent Calendar £25.00

Like the Benefit one it has only 12 doors but as a Make Up Artist Goddess and one of my fav bloggers I know this won’t fail to disappoint in fact that’s if you can even get your hands on it, the link above is for superdrug where it’s been on special offer for just £15 (an absolute steal!)

9. Charlotte Tilbury Book Of Magic Make-Up Calendar £150.00

12 Magical Make Up Cabinets that contain full size and travel size products from the make up artist on a mission to empower who has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for ver 20 years, you can pre register your interest in the link above, I’ve been working out how many sets of nails I need to do to order mine.

10.  Lush 12 Days of Christmas £49.95

From bath melts & bombs to soaps & shower gel this is packed with a story book themed 12 doors of natural bathing beauty. Gorgeously presented and so so sweeeet smelling well more winters but so yummy! A lovely gift if you wanted to spoil someone.

The best of. Top 20. Beauty advent calendars 2015. Be you beautiful. Wish list Wednesday. Budget to blowout.

(Top to Bottom, Right to Left)

11.  Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar £149.00

Bound to be a favourite with the beauty elite this advent calendar is released on the 29th October, another that is filled with premium brands including the likes of Nars, Eve Lom, Diptyque and Dermalogica. I’m unsure of sizes but have seen that the overall value is in excess of £400 and with less than 4,000 available will go pretty quickly.

12. Clarins Advent Calendar £60.00

24 treats tucked away behind the golden leaves, perfect for getting your winter mittens on heir best selling and iconic favourites, this is perfect to get you all the essentials needed in your winter skincare routine and a few make-up treats.

13.  Make-Up Revolution Calendar £45.00

With 24 full size products and a brand that’s rated amongst bloggers I think this one is perfect for make up junkies and those look to build a cool kit of essential products and colour.

14. Essence Advent Calendar  £25.00 available from November

Perfect as a gift for teens looking for a great way to build the buzz of the countdown to Christmas and building a cute and fun make up collection in the process, not a brand I’ve tried but having read a couple of beauty reviews Essence brand they all seem quite positive for the price range.

15. Cheeky Nails £49.00

Not a nail polish brand I have tried so if any of you out there have id love to hear or read you thoughts and reviews be sure to post in the comments. Like with the Ciatè it’s a great way to build up a nail polish collection but even when I tried with my last polish calendar I just didn’t have the time to paint my nails everyday in December and I like the idea of being able to open the door up to something I can try straight away. The colours and design look fun.

The best of. Top 20. Beauty advent calendars 2015. Be you beautiful. Wish list Wednesday. Budget to blowout.

(Top to Bottom, Right to Left)

16. No.7 Advent Calendar £38.00

Worth £148 this is a bargain for fans of the boots beauty brand, there is a reservation list on this product on the link above and I think it will be quite popular especially with Boots points offers throughout the festive season.

17. The Body Shop (luxury version pictured) £80.00

I don’t think this is the best for value for money in comparison with what you receive with others available but the premium one does have a retail value of £127 so you ar still saving a pretty penny especially if body shop is one of your go to brands. Including best selling beauty, bath and fragrance there is also an option for a lower cost one at £60.

18. House of Fraser 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar £20.00

This is there own brand of Colour Couture cosmetics and as I used to work there the beauty filled cases remind me of what an Aunt buys all her nieces on the 3 for 2 in the clear make up suit case (you know the ones I mean). If your on a budget this looks to be the one and maybe an ideal gift for teens.

19. L’Occitane Noel Approche Advent Calendar £39.00

I love the cuteness of this box and am excited by the luxury of the contents inside, I think that L’Occitane are a brand that never fail to disappoint in the packaging of gift sets and this is no different a red ribbon and beautiful artwork with gems of beauty treats behind each door. I really do love the sweet simplicity of this.

20. Look Fantastic Beauty Secret Advent Calendar £70.00

I thought I’d leave a fav till last just to keep you all reading, each year this calendar is highly reviewed and with LookFantastic having so many fabulous & unique beauty brands to choose from even though there isn’t a lot if info released on the brands involved I would keep an eye on this one of its on your budget.

So are you going to be purchasing for an indulgent self treat or a lovely luxury gift and if so what one(s) will you be buying? I’d love to hear bout your purchases or reviews below in the comments I’ll be sure to keep you updated with mine 🙂

Affiliate Link – Giving you 40% off at The Body Shop …
The Body Shop UK

A Dark Shiny Autumnal #MondayMani

Thanks to Glamour Magazine & Nails Inc

So whenever there is a free beauty product you can pretty much guarantee I’m buying the magazine. This month Glamour have 4 exclusive fabulous shades of Nails Inc to choose from. I normally always pick the red whenever there it is in the choice but decided to be different this time and enjoy a nice Dark Shade. Looking through the packaging I did originally think it was black but as you can see in the photo of the first coat it’s more an aubergine shade, not that you can tell after two coats. I’m using that polish today to share this Autumnal #MondayMani.

Glamour Magazine, Nails Inc, autumnal dark, mondaymani, Monday manicure, NOTD, BEAUTY FREEBIES, Ellie Golding, October, November, 2015

I have become a big fan of nails Inc over the last year and enjoy their collections and products whenever I get my manicured hands on them, this one is no different it is fast drying and high shining I have put it over a clear gel base but that’s only to maintain and protect my nails, it’s super shiny after just two coats and I’m quickly able to get on with my day. The colour becomes an off black after two coats that keeps making me look closer at the shade; I like it it’s mysterious, I was worried my nails look at bit witchy as I currently have them in a point but I’m actually feeling the look.

Be you beautiful, beauty, blog, Glamour Magazine, Nails Inc, autumnal dark, mondaymani, Monday manicure, NOTD, BEAUTY FREEBIES,

I’m tempted to go back and buy up some more shades of this gorgeous collection especially as they are made just for glamour magazine, so not available for purchase and a steal at just £2 (Especially when each free polish is worth £11 and you get a voucher card for 20% off at H&M) I think I’m gonna do that and just give away the free reads of the extra copies over on the Facebook page for someone else to enjoy with a cuppa. It’s a great copy this month with content including an interview with celebrity make up artist Justine Jenkins which I found really inspiring, I felt motivated by the love letter from Hannah Brencher and the story of her success in making a movement of love and happiness with writing letters, I LOLed at the selfie pics & tips and enjoyed the latest autumn winter style, fashion, hair & beauty… Oh I do love a good magazine and dream shopping!


What are your nails looking like on this manicure Monday? Are you wearing one of the Glamour Nails Inc Colours right now? 


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