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New Beauty Treatment | Why I’m Loving Lash Lifts

Last week I finally trained in lash lifts, I’ve been wanting to do this since seeing it at the beauty show a few years ago but you know, life happens and I just hadn’t got round to it.

The training was a day and I was really lucky I got the chance to be model for our teacher Angela and work on two models! This meant not only did I leave with beautiful lashes I got to train, experience, learn and question with two totally different types of lashes. It was great. One of my models already had long curly lashes but they went all ways and were quite fair on the ends so the results were still so striking and clear.

I found the process quite easy to learn and thanks to my ITEC beauty training knew the background, A&P and contraindications to eye treatments already. I find this reassuring as it’s not a big focus in the days training but the process is and I nailed it!

I then spent the weekend with models booked in so I could work on my set up, flow and perfecting the process. I loved it, I loved chatting with everyone booked in, I loved that I was making people feel beautiful with what they’ve got, I loved the results, the models loved the results too, I really loved their faces when they first looked in the mirror!

What I did learn is I need to work on my photography skills for my before and after pics as the ones above and below really don’t do the work or results justice! 

Patch test required 24 hours prior to treatment.                                      Available mobile or in salon.

20 MODEL SPACES @ JUST £20 (saving £15) 9 BOOKED 11 REMAINING

Event Countdown | 3 Weeks To Go FAQ

The weeks are flying by super quick. This wreaks havoc with both my anxiety and my never ending to do lists, but silver lining it also means it’s only 3 weeks to go until the Be You Beautiful Christmas Pamper & Shop and I’m so excited!

Today I thought I’d answer some common questions I get about the events just to let people know more if they are thinking of coming along, encourage more people to share and invite others who may have asked questions.

Why do I host the Events?

Truth be told I don’t actually make a lot of money. I pay for venues with atmosphere, bars, parking and facilities clients and traders need, plus we do it on a prime night …Friday. So hall, marketing, decoration, printing, goody bags and stuff all mounts up. The hours I spend talking to traders and people about the event, the hours I spend thinking of ways to support, promote and get the word out, I could make better money doing more beauty, but it comes back to that cheesy saying “I’m doing what I love”. It’s not about the money, I trust I’ll work that bit out along the way.

Instead these events give me a chance to do lots of things that light me up  helping women indulge and take time for themselves, encouraging beauty, self care and connection, bringing friends and community together,  making a difference in multiple ways.

Not to mention the fact I  get to work alongside and support traders just like me working hard for themselves doing what they love and all trying to meet the same people. The lovely clients we get through the door, which leads me to the next question …

Who can come?

This is probably best answered by explaining why I started. As a beauty therapist I was attending school pamper evenings enjoying talking to mums as I offered nail services, but noticing that many were alone or just with their ‘mum friends’ and as a mum I understood, I would of likely only gone to my sons school for such an event. I felt more women deserved an evening of treatments, offers, shopping and spending time with friends.

So in answer to the question it’s for women. It’s for any woman, alone or with friends, with 30 minutes or 3 and a half hours to take for themselves, who deserve to indulge in a bit of me time (every woman deserves this and should make time for it!)

What does the evening involve?

We make sure to use venues with everything on offer; free parking, a bar, a spacious venue so we can also offer social tables to sit between shopping, treatments, chatting to traders and others attending on the night. We also have a charity raffle and a special charity drive running alongside this event.

What stalls will be there?

There will be loads. With over 25 stalls all together including; mediums/readers, Therapists offering over 15 beauty and holistic services at amazing rates, traders with unique one off items and on the night offers, goody bags first 50 guests, prize draws, give aways, demos and much more. I’ll be highlighting each of our traders in their own blog as we run up to the event, as well as sharing more about the night with you.

How much is such a fab night going to cost?

£2 entry, then the money for your beverages and spending money. Cash is recommended to bring along on the evening, as not a lot of our traders take card.

How can I get tickets?

You can pay on the door but if you like to be organised or want to treat your friends you can grab your tickets here.

How do I find out more?

If you would like up to date info check out the Facebook event here, if you have more questions get in touch here.

What’s Happening with Minx Nails In the UK.

If you don’t know what Minx nails are, welcome, I’m hoping you are new to the site, if not…where have you been?? Minx is one of my favourite treatments to offer at Be You Beautiful. Their slogan being ‘ extend fashion to your finger tips’ adored by many, seen on endless catwalks and covers, with a huge celebrity following, a treatment I trained in with session tech to the stars Liza Smith through her role as an ambassador and representative of Sweet Squared about 10 years ago and I’ve been offering it ever since. Obviously more popular in the summer with it’s often super shiny foils I can give you 10 reason Minx are loved in an instant, infact i did right here. Anyway, I’m not here to sell them to you because they are becoming endangered in the uk and I’m a little bit devastated.

What’s changing with Minx Nails in the UK?

When I went to order and couldn’t find all the designs I was looking for online, I called up the distributor Sweet Squared. These guys are my favourite supplier I have to order from, their customer service is like no other and they are one of the most friendly and helpful teams. As the only Minx distributors in the uk they have chosen to have streamline the designs stocked. They are gone from the hundreds down to just 10 that will be available, and whilst they are pretty and do mean I’ll be able to continue to offer them for the foreseeable future, they pale in comparison to the current choice of hundreds that are available.

And so I obviously, stocked up. Like seriously stocked up.

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For a few reasons; Firstly I want to be able to continue to offer my clients an extensive choice of fashion to their fingertips and whilst I know that many clients love pedicures, Gels and glittery nails, I have lots that love Minx and I want to continue to astound them with the beauty and choice available. Secondly it meant I could let clients reserve and hold designs they love with a small deposit for minx appointments in the next 24 months. Also I could see lots I hadn’t before they were gone and try and judge what ones would continue to get picked, and oh my gosh already some of the designs that have been held are beautiful so my second order is going in this week!

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You can see my Facebook live of my latest delivery here, please excuse my usual waffle and ramblings, I get so excited about what I get to do.

If you wanted to get some shiny stand out toes and make the most of the last of this years sunshine, get booked in through the contact page.  Don’t forget to give us a like and follow to stay updated with the latest posts and pics.

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