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Raising Awareness of Tinnitus #TinnitusWeek

#TinnitusWeek February 4-10th.

I’ve talked before about my Dads attack and how it totally transformed his life and the lives of those around him. Assaulted by a group of people in our local town,left fighting for his life, having brain surgery, plates where they had stamped on him and a very long road of specialist, appointments, reports and recovery. Never returning to what once was his normal, but my survivor and my hero all the same.

The hardest part for my Dad to have had to live with, the part that taunts him,  torments him and reminds him daily of the trauma he went through is a noise in his ear, a very loud, very constant noise. This noise is Tinnitus.

#tinnitusweek, Tinnitus, tinnitus awareness, my dads story, raising awareness, Tinnitus uk

Taken from the British Tinnitus Association: Tinnitus is the perception of noises in the head and/or ear which have no external source.

 A symptom generated within the auditory system that causes those living with the condition to suffer a ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling or other often disruptive noise at varying volumes. 

Listen from about 40 seconds in turn it up really loud and try talking to someone normally or put one headphone in and then do the same.
Its awful,unbearable infact and Tinnitus sufferers face it daily.

My dads tried so many times to find noises to explain it to me and my mum what he lives with each day. Sometimes it can cause him to get angry or upset; when he can’t explain to us how noisy or torturous it is, when we don’t understand, when we can’t hear what he hears and when we forget that we are talking in his bad ear.  

Dad describes it as torture so loud and only eased when he finally falls to sleep exhausted by the whooshing, hissing and buzzing.

And so far despite trying various devices, medical and holistic treatments, meditations and more noise to drown out the noise. My dad hasn’t found anything to ease it.

He has broken my heart when he said it makes his life hard to live, he wishes he couldn’t hear anything at all, when it makes him depressed, when it makes him feel alone. I’m an only child and no child ever wants to hear their dad hurting like this.

So when I found the hashtag #TinnitusWeek on Twitter I sat reading through all I could. All the groups and pages, all the links and info and there is so much more than I even realised and I found it all from a hashtag!

I even I put out a tweet about Dad and the guidance, direction and support has all been a bit amazing.

#tinnitusweek, Tinnitus, tinnitus awareness, my dads story, raising awareness, Tinnitus uk

Twitter led me to find a whole heap of information ,people and studies that might help Dad. It’s made me try to understand more for him, to really understand how noisy it is for him all the time and how lonely it can make him feel. It’s brought me a new kindness and understanding for what my Dad goes though and it’s given me hope that there are lots of people just like him battling through. His not alone and they are working so hard to understand it further and find ways to combat the never ending noise. 

He has an appointment soon with the ear nose and throat team, thats who overseas a lot and they refer him to specialists as required. I am going to send him along with some information I’ve found. Not to be Dr Google; but I’m hoping with the information other sufferers and professionals have shared with me through #TinnitusWeek and looking at his brain scans they can maybe look to some new ways to support him through this.

Meanwhile I’m hoping the support and tweets of similar stories and words of encouragement, will help dad see he is not alone in trying to battle through everyday.

#tinnitusweek, Tinnitus, tinnitus awareness, my dads story, raising awareness, Tinnitus uk

Huge thanks to the British Tinnitus Association they have shown me so much in the last week and it’s all because of finding this hashtag #TimnitusWeek that’s only just kicking off today!!! I can’t wait to learn more this week, I feel happy and I feel empowered to help my Dad more.

At this point I feel I should say I’m also doing it to help my mum. It effects their lives and how they live and because she is the one who makes it all happen with appointments and specialist and keeping everyone in the know. Plus she loves him, takes care of him committed to her vows and still head over heels in love a warrior woman that amazes me. I want it to get better for both of them. 

#tinnitusweek, Tinnitus, tinnitus awareness, my dads story, raising awareness, Tinnitus uk, my mum and dad,

Event Countdown – Therapist Focus | Beautiful Beauty

I love it when I get to work with my friends and Chloe from Beautiful Beauty is one of my besties! Our eldest boys were friends before us and met at nursery over 7 years ago, but I feel like we’ve known each other forever. Chloe will be at the event in just under 3 weeks offering waxing, spray tans and beauty products.

Chloe offers a range of beauty treatments from a home based salon in Northfleet.  Treatments include tans, waxing, acrylic & gel nails, lash lifts, individual and Russian lash extensions. Also retailing brands like skinny tan and tatti lashes her stall is always beautifully presented with lots of treats for guests on the evening. 

November 2018, events in kent, Gravesend November 2018, Gravesend Rugby Club, Be You Beautiful, 30/11/2018, pamper event, beautiful beauty

You can find Chloe online using the following links, be sure to check Beautiful Beauty Pages out and get booked in early to avoid disappointment on the night. 


Instagram @beauitfulbeauty

Facebook Beautiful Beauty

November 2018, events in kent, Gravesend November 2018, Gravesend Rugby Club, Be You Beautiful, 30/11/2018, pamper event, beautiful beauty

On the night Chloe will be offering

•Spray Tans (have to be prebooked)  £10 •Brow Wax £5 • Lip Wax £5

To get booked in check out the pinned Post on the Facebook event page for all bookable treatments on offer And keep an eye out for lots more blog posts coming sharing all the fabulous traders I get to work alongside on the evening and at Be You Beautiful Events.

November 2018, events in kent, Gravesend November 2018, Gravesend Rugby Club, Be You Beautiful, 30/11/2018, pamper event, beautiful beauty

Event Countdown – Trader Focus | Bip Bop Shop

So with less than three weeks to go I’m going to be sharing short blog posts with snippets on each of the traders, therapists and stalls we have coming along on the evening.

Bip Bop Shop is a pop up and online shop selling the most delightful gifts, toys and treasures for our little ones. 

Bip Bop Shop, events in kent, Be You Beautiful, children’s toys and gifts, children’s stalls, pamper event, shopping event, November 2018, events in kent, Gravesend November 2018,

I’m so excited to share this first one with you because I love Charlotte who runs the business! She is a passionate mumpreneur, who is super lovely to everyone who stops by her stall, goes that extra step to make her service outstanding, has a great energy, amazing unique bits to bring along for everyone to shop and her smile is just infectious!  

Bip Bop Shop, events in kent, Be You Beautiful, children’s toys and gifts, children’s stalls, pamper event, shopping event, November 2018, events in kent, Gravesend November 2018,

Having her there is always such a pleasure and her gifts especially unique wooden toys, silver frames and height charts (last time we had orders coming in from France because they caught glimpse of what Charlotte had stocked on the night in a live on our Facebook page)

If you would like to know more or peruse the amazing stock before the evening (even maybe get in a sneaky pre order to collect on the night). Then you can find more from Charlotte @ Bip Bop Shop here…


Facebook Page

Instagram @BBShopity

Twitter @BBShopity

Not forgetting Charlotte also blogs and you can find that here and enjoy having a read Bip Bop Mum

Bip Bop Shop, events in kent, Be You Beautiful, children’s toys and gifts, children’s stalls, pamper event, shopping event, November 2018, events in kent, Gravesend November 2018,

The event is 30.11.18 at Gravesend rugby club and Bip Bop Shop is one of over 25 traders and therapists I feel super lucky to work alongside on the night. You can find out more about the event here or stay updated on the Facebook event page

My Why & How Behind My Events

Why I Do, What I do…

I am super passionate. Like I really want to make a big difference and empower others. I want to bring smiles to the people I talk to and the people I am around. I want to spend time loving myself so I can encourage others to do the same, I want people to see their own beauty with the wonder and belief I do, like real raw beauty, not the surface I work with. I want to be a present mum because the time I spend with my children is precious, limited and a gift filled with lessons, wonder and joy. I want to dream big and believe in the possibilities so I can inspire others to do the same. I want to live in abundance so I can give in abundance. I want to see people happy, having fun and enjoying their lives.

Events, beauty, Indulgence Event, local business Gravesend, kent traders, Carla guest photography

My Events

On the 9th March I’m hosting my first Pamper & Shop Indulgence event of this year and I wanted to create a post which not only shares part of my bigger why and reasoning behind some of my crazy plans but also explain to you why the events matter to me.

On the surface these are evenings where i bring groups of friends together for a fun and indulgent evening of shopping and pampering with some local businesses, traders and therapists.

Events. Be You Beautiful. Beauty. Indulgence. Style. Transformation. Events. Evenings. Workshops

How I Work.

I do more than that I support the amazing traders I get to work alongside at my events with a Facebook group just for them, a Traders Pack full of info to support their business, working to make the nights a long term success and with ongoing support and belief on my part. I vet those traders to make sure they see it’s more than a shop and drop and we are creating an atmosphere to be remembered and a night to be enjoyed by all attending.

For those attending I try to think of how I would want to spend an evening or any free time I might have away from family, work and the adventure of day to day life. I think of a place I could socialise with my friends and enjoy their company. I think of all the treatments I might book, or things I may enjoy shopping and then I try and find them and bring them all together. Along with a bar and social tables to be enjoyed, filled with drinks, chatter and laughter in between the strains of shopping and treatments. With the support of local business sponsors I create the most wonderfully filled goody bags with delightful gifts limited in number to make you rush for the experience.

You see it truly matters to me people have a good night. It matters to me the traders I believe in do well and meet fabulous people who rave about them. It matters to me that when I put my name to something I give people the best I can. I wanted people to know all this to know whether they are working alongside or coming along for the evening I am genuinely so grateful they are part of the experience, I’m really excited not only for the quarterly events but the other ways I’m planning to give back, love support and empower going forward with BeYou Beautiful through 2018 and beyond.

I’ve spent today working on different bits for the event, at times I’ve felt like I was running full steam into a brick wall. I wanted to put this post out there so people got why I spend so much time on it, why I talk about it, why I stress about it, why I believe in it. Everything about these nights is ways of me fulfilling my desires to support or light people up, to connect with people and bring people joy.

Hopefully if you are reading this and not to far away you will come along for a fabulous night here are all the details you need. 
what’s on Gravesend, Gravesend Traders, kent events, kent traders, nights out kent, Indulgence Event, be You Beautiful, Gravesend rugby club

Photo credits to the super amazing and beautiful Carla Guest photography. I have known Carla for around 25 years but her works speaks for itself, it’s truly exceptional, go check her out.

10 Benefits to Choosing Natural Gel Nails

Before we get to the benefits of gel nails, here is some background information.

Gel nails have been in the nail industry for many years now in different forms, there are many brands and they can come in different forms from pots to polishes and like any other products the packaging, the quality and the prices vary massively.

I trained with OPI in Gel Polishes over 3 years ago, simply because OPI is a brand I have used since my mum let me steal hers when I was a kid, they have always delivered results, been industry leaders and they are recognised as a prestigious brand. Since doing my gel nail training I haven’t looked back, whilst I occasionally do a natural manicure this is by far my most popular treatment.

So today I thought I would take ten minutes with a cuppa to run through the benefits of gel nails…

Mobile beauty therapist kent, gel nail services kent, mobile nail technician, OPI gel nails, wedding nails, nails Gravesend, Be You Beautiful, Nail gallery, my work, nail portfolio,

10 Benefits of Gel Nails.

1. Gel Nails are applied to natural nail.

No drills, no tip, whilst cured under a lamp there is no ‘false’ part of the nail. It also feels more natural and is less rigid on the nail.

2. Gel Nails don’t damage your natural nail.

When removed properly by soaking or in professional wraps there is no risk of damage to the natural nail.

3. They are Super Shiny!

Like seriously! So shiny, it doesn’t dull and maintains a high end looking manicure that lasts.Mobile beauty therapist kent, gel nail services kent, mobile nail technician, OPI gel nails, wedding nails, nails Gravesend, Be You Beautiful, Nail gallery, my work, nail portfolio,

4. Gel Nails last 2-3 weeks.

Depending how you care for them and the daily work you carry out, gel nails can last up to 21 days!

5. They only take 25-45 minutes.

Like done, dry and out the door, you can even book it into a lunch break (if you have a fab mobile therapist like me!)

6. It protects your natural nails.

Perfect to protect from day to day damage, splitting and breakage.

7. It helps your natural nails grow.

Because it’s prevent day to day damage its stops them breaking and getting shorter meaning over time with repeat treatment and maintenance they grow.

8. No stress of trying to paint your own nails.

You know like the stress of smudging or the painting of the ‘other’ hand – yeah none of that!

Benefits of gel nails, Mobile beauty therapist kent, gel nail services kent, mobile nail technician, OPI gel nails, wedding nails, nails Gravesend, Be You Beautiful, Nail gallery, my work, nail portfolio,

9. You feel confident.

A gel manicure makes your hands look nice, you feel confident, others compliment and you smile lots.

10. It’s affordable.

When maintained and look after they last, you save on time, on nail polishes and all the extras and again if you have a nice therapist like me you can even block book to save you more money!

There you have it 10 Benefits to Gel Nails. Would you add anymore? 

Be sure to keep updated with news, reviews and offers by signing up to our newsletter and see all our latest work over on the Facebook page (when I remember to take pics!).

10 Things I Love About Organising Pamper Events

I’m EXCITED! The Next Event is 10th November.

If you haven’t seen the swishy, sparkly video I created all by myself check it out on the events page here. I’m back to planning pamper events and indulgence nights and I love it, I’ve got the buzz back, it’s awesome. This time round I’m trying to do as much as humanly possible to support the event, the traders and make it stand out as a fabulous evening for all the lovely ladies attending. We have goody bags, fashion shows, demonstrations and over 40 therapists & traders to shop and get pampered from, I love all that goes into it.

Pamper Events, Inn on the lake, hotel, Indulgence event, poster, kent events, Gravesend, North kent, pamper event, pamper beauty, shop, shopping local, traders and therapists, be you beautiful

Speaking of what I love about the events, that’s why I got started writing today. Here are

10 things I love about organising the Be You Beautiful Pamper Events & Indulgence Nights.

  1. The fear I have to push through to break my comfort zone and get started. Oh my god if you knew how many events I’d actually ‘planned’ this year, you’d laugh. I was just to scared to launch. So those first few phone calls where I push through the barrier I love that. It proves how much I want it’s makes me feels stronger, it gets me more pumped for the event.
  2. Connecting back up with businesses I love! I have actually been organising events just like this for almost 8 years. What I really love about this is some of the traders like Toxic Angel Jewellery, For Girlys Boutique and a few more have all been working with me since the start, they get me, they know my events and it’s an added bonus that I love to shop both of the ones mentioned as soon as they start laying out their tables!
  3. Meeting new businesses and the people behind them. Whilst it’s lovely to have the ongoing support with those I know, it’s really great to here someone’s passion when describing their business to me for the first time. It’s fab to meet the people behind the websites, social media and emails. I have always loved meeting new people so this is a really great part of the job, plus people get me and my energy more face to face. I think!
  4. Supporting Charities in the process. We have a charity raffle on the evening because all the businesses involved donate a prize. We have my nan and aunt sorting the tickets (they are legends and I do believe the sole reason that some people attend the events!). We choose a different charity each time and try and do our best whilst raising money, to spread as much of their message as we can. I have some extra ways people will be helping charity at the next event. I thought outside the box and I’m quite excited to announce it along with our chosen charities in two weeks time.
  5. Supporting and Shopping Local. I know how much effort it takes to start a business, I know how much effort it requires to keep going, it’s a lot and at times I thought about giving up. So I try and shop local whenever I can. Even to the point I buy cards from my mum, I refuse to have them for free (she undervalues herself far too much already) and I’d rather I have something beautiful, unique and made by her than store brought. (It’s a great idea anyway, now if I could get into the habit of actually delivering people’s cards would be even better!)
  6. The Response & Reaction when I launch the event, it’s really heart warming and it makes me feel more confident in what I’m doing when people tell me they are pleased or excited the events are back, it’s even more awesome…
  7. Saying Hello and Welcoming  Guests on the evening. It’s lovely seeing familiar faces, it’s nice that it’s a night of luxury and indulgences so everyone’s chatty and haply. The room is always full of natter and laughter, it’s a real buzz and it flies by super quick
  8. The fluster I get in. It is ironic considering how much I bloody prepare. It just reminds me to go with the flow a little bit I can’t control everything. One year I ran round apologising to traders that it had started snowing because you know I ordered the weather!
  9. The personal feeling of accomplishment once I have pulled it off. I know I have lots of support in the people around me, I know I have lots of businesses working with me and shouting about the event, I know I didn’t do this JUST ME. But it started just me and at some point in the evening I normally have a little pause to take stock of what happens when I keep pushing through the little barriers. I’m proud of myself.
  10. Everyone else’s feedback and reactions. I like providing a night that others really enjoy, I like that women take time out, I like that it’s a night for groups of friends to catch up, I like that the businesses do well and meet new clients as well as catch up with old ones.

There is so much that’s great about these evenings. It’s a pretty awesome feeling getting so many people together. This is the first one since the two small children, so understandably I’m still nervous and scared I’ll forget or mess something up but I don’t think it will be to catastrophic, I plan to much for that!

If you live in the North Kent area and would like a great night out with your friends come along, check our latest events and be sure to share. 


Another Beauty Sale, My Weakness. My Favourites

Nail polishes just £2.50 & Some Beautiful Pumps…


So first off gorgeous ones, this is an affiliate post it means I get a little mullah if you click on the links. I Promise though it’s still well worth a read and your time because there are some serious bargains to be had in the Birchbox Sale. I thought to help you on your search I would share my five favourite products in the sale, there was so much more though but I had to stop buying researching, I was getting carried away.

    • KMS California Freeshape Trio  £12.76 My top 5, beauty, sale, my beauty favourites, be you beautiful, beauty blogger

      My hair is fine & the reviews for this set sound amazing and just what my life,especially hair needs!

    • Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Travel Candle Set £15.40Beauty summer sale, my top 5, my beauty favourites, be you beautiful, beauty blogger, grumpy cow

      I have been a Grumpy cow this week and so the thought if some time out with these burning away … Bliss!

    • STYLondon Metallic Tattoos £2.00 Be you beautiful, beauty blogger, my top 5, body tattoos, summer sale,

      These on a tan (real or fake) LOOK AMAZING! I’m going to spray tan and apply one of mine this week just so you can see!

    • Models Own Disco Pants (Studio 54) £2.50 image

      I have tried a couple of the Models Own polishes and whilst I don’t think they are the best out their they are always on trend and this polish with its metallic shine is no different and a total bargain at £2.50

    • Laqa&Co Fat Lip Pencil Lambchop £7.00 Beauty sales favourites, Laqa&Co, Lambchop, bright pink, sale,

      I am a massive fan of Laqa & Co. I have about 6 now I can’t recommend them enough they glide on, stay put and the packaging is so cute!

⭐️I wanted to add these but as they are only available in a size 2 and so for the few ladies with beautiful petite feet, but oh my god they are so beautiful they just had to be seen…

French Sole Henrietta Ballet Flat: Floral Daze £45.00

Beauty sale, French sole, henrietta ballet flat, ballet pumps, my summer sale favourites, beauty blogger, be you beautiful

There is more than just the Beauty Sale … What is Birchbox?

I have been a subscriber of Birchbox for two years I love that I get a box of hair and beauty treats delivered to my door every month. There are normally 5-7 items some of which are full size. I am able to tailor my favourites and collect up points to use on future purchases.

It’s a win win!



Monday Mani – Lola Barcelona & OPI Nails

Thought I’d share with you guys that my nails are still looking beautiful and sparkly from My Friday Night Pamper Hands & Nails. Neutral Sparkles it is a Monday after all and so essential we see some pretty Monday Manis on our screens. But I’m also really impressed I found the Lola Barcelona colour a little thick to apply and was expecting that it may chip slightly but it’s still all neat, pretty and dazzling with OPI In True Stefani Fashion sparkles.

Monday Mani - Lola Barcelona & OPI, Monday manicure, #MondayMani, #ManicureMonday, Lola Barcelona, OPI, nails, beauty, be you beautiful, neutral, sparkles, natural,

Just to to give you some laughter on this grey Monday too, I said how I was doing my nails for a wedding I was going to Saturday …. after finally settling on a gorgeous floor length dress to wear that went over the 9 month bump, getting my hair & make up ready, the boys looking dapps and all ready to roll…. We got to the wedding and within 30 minutes my 20 month old had projectile vomited down the front of my dress, the back and all in my hair, not just a little bit either and it stunk so wasn’t even like I could wash up and hang around! The joys of mummy hood hey, I can laugh about it standing in the toilets thong, bump and bra before realising nothing was getting rid of the stink! I felt awful leaving so soon especially as it all looked so fab, I did see the cake get cut though …congratulations Becky & Mike ❤️

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