I Came Here To Update But Not Like This …

Its only now that I am sat down to update and edit the website and blog, I realise that I don’t enjoy my new business name as much as I did my last. I love the message of Be You Beautiful and making women see their own beauty is still at the forefront of each of my services and every treatment I offer. It doesnt feel the same though, it doesn’t make me cheeky grin like Sweet Cheeks Beauty did each time I say my business name and it doesn’t garner the same giggly smiley reaction either. One that I feel made more of a lasting impression.

Why Did I Change It Anyway?

I changed the name for a number of reasons; I had been working since I first started as sweet cheeks beauty, I felt I had matured as had my client and that it sounded silly and cheap and I was way beyond all that.

Sweet cheeks beauty, Be you beautiful, mobile beauty, kent beauty, make up artist, beauty therapist, nail technician

And What About Now?

Now in hindsight I realise im never actually going to fully mature. My clients love my fun energetic nature and I like too make people smile from the start. Also a name didn’t make it cheap. My lack of self worth and confidence made me devalue what I was offering. A name change didn’t help it much either, only my new marketing efforts behind the brand relaunch.

Fuck im literally discovering all this as I write… don’t you just love a bit of free flow writing and discovery. 

Be you beautiful, mobile beauty, kent beauty, make up artist, beauty therapist, nail technician

Since naming my business it makes me cringe a little, how many similar businesses there are locally with the same or a really similar name to mine. I now know one was set up before me called Beautiful You but two similar have followed within a 5 mile radius. I feel I cant stand out locally let alone online. It is weirdly frustrating, standing out in a crowd is kinda my thing I guess.

There is a thing in your brain called the reticular activator it filters stuff and flashes up things of noticeable importance as you see them and mine seems to be in full force with the Be You Beautiful business name. It is everywhere I look. I am pretty sure I have seen some form of be you beautiful, beyoutiful, be you, be you be beautiful and other mixes all as business names or tag lines. Its so boring, I feel boring.

Right thats it I’m putting it to vote on the socials, head over to insta stories or the facebook page if you want to join in. I’m pretty sure about how I feel about it; but that could be me being hasty on the whole ‘new year, fresh start’ theme I guess.