#TinnitusWeek February 4-10th.

I’ve talked before about my Dads attack and how it totally transformed his life and the lives of those around him. Assaulted by a group of people in our local town,left fighting for his life, having brain surgery, plates where they had stamped on him and a very long road of specialist, appointments, reports and recovery. Never returning to what once was his normal, but my survivor and my hero all the same.

The hardest part for my Dad to have had to live with, the part that taunts him,  torments him and reminds him daily of the trauma he went through is a noise in his ear, a very loud, very constant noise. This noise is Tinnitus.

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Taken from the British Tinnitus Association: Tinnitus is the perception of noises in the head and/or ear which have no external source.

 A symptom generated within the auditory system that causes those living with the condition to suffer a ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling or other often disruptive noise at varying volumes. 

Listen from about 40 seconds in turn it up really loud and try talking to someone normally or put one headphone in and then do the same.
Its awful,unbearable infact and Tinnitus sufferers face it daily.

My dads tried so many times to find noises to explain it to me and my mum what he lives with each day. Sometimes it can cause him to get angry or upset; when he can’t explain to us how noisy or torturous it is, when we don’t understand, when we can’t hear what he hears and when we forget that we are talking in his bad ear.  

Dad describes it as torture so loud and only eased when he finally falls to sleep exhausted by the whooshing, hissing and buzzing.

And so far despite trying various devices, medical and holistic treatments, meditations and more noise to drown out the noise. My dad hasn’t found anything to ease it.

He has broken my heart when he said it makes his life hard to live, he wishes he couldn’t hear anything at all, when it makes him depressed, when it makes him feel alone. I’m an only child and no child ever wants to hear their dad hurting like this.

So when I found the hashtag #TinnitusWeek on Twitter I sat reading through all I could. All the groups and pages, all the links and info and there is so much more than I even realised and I found it all from a hashtag!

I even I put out a tweet about Dad and the guidance, direction and support has all been a bit amazing.

#tinnitusweek, Tinnitus, tinnitus awareness, my dads story, raising awareness, Tinnitus uk

Twitter led me to find a whole heap of information ,people and studies that might help Dad. It’s made me try to understand more for him, to really understand how noisy it is for him all the time and how lonely it can make him feel. It’s brought me a new kindness and understanding for what my Dad goes though and it’s given me hope that there are lots of people just like him battling through. His not alone and they are working so hard to understand it further and find ways to combat the never ending noise. 

He has an appointment soon with the ear nose and throat team, thats who overseas a lot and they refer him to specialists as required. I am going to send him along with some information I’ve found. Not to be Dr Google; but I’m hoping with the information other sufferers and professionals have shared with me through #TinnitusWeek and looking at his brain scans they can maybe look to some new ways to support him through this.

Meanwhile I’m hoping the support and tweets of similar stories and words of encouragement, will help dad see he is not alone in trying to battle through everyday.

#tinnitusweek, Tinnitus, tinnitus awareness, my dads story, raising awareness, Tinnitus uk

Huge thanks to the British Tinnitus Association they have shown me so much in the last week and it’s all because of finding this hashtag #TimnitusWeek that’s only just kicking off today!!! I can’t wait to learn more this week, I feel happy and I feel empowered to help my Dad more.

At this point I feel I should say I’m also doing it to help my mum. It effects their lives and how they live and because she is the one who makes it all happen with appointments and specialist and keeping everyone in the know. Plus she loves him, takes care of him committed to her vows and still head over heels in love a warrior woman that amazes me. I want it to get better for both of them. 

#tinnitusweek, Tinnitus, tinnitus awareness, my dads story, raising awareness, Tinnitus uk, my mum and dad,