Why I Do, What I do…

I am super passionate. Like I really want to make a big difference and empower others. I want to bring smiles to the people I talk to and the people I am around. I want to spend time loving myself so I can encourage others to do the same, I want people to see their own beauty with the wonder and belief I do, like real raw beauty, not the surface I work with. I want to be a present mum because the time I spend with my children is precious, limited and a gift filled with lessons, wonder and joy. I want to dream big and believe in the possibilities so I can inspire others to do the same. I want to live in abundance so I can give in abundance. I want to see people happy, having fun and enjoying their lives.

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My Events

On the 9th March I’m hosting my first Pamper & Shop Indulgence event of this year and I wanted to create a post which not only shares part of my bigger why and reasoning behind some of my crazy plans but also explain to you why the events matter to me.

On the surface these are evenings where i bring groups of friends together for a fun and indulgent evening of shopping and pampering with some local businesses, traders and therapists.

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How I Work.

I do more than that I support the amazing traders I get to work alongside at my events with a Facebook group just for them, a Traders Pack full of info to support their business, working to make the nights a long term success and with ongoing support and belief on my part. I vet those traders to make sure they see it’s more than a shop and drop and we are creating an atmosphere to be remembered and a night to be enjoyed by all attending.

For those attending I try to think of how I would want to spend an evening or any free time I might have away from family, work and the adventure of day to day life. I think of a place I could socialise with my friends and enjoy their company. I think of all the treatments I might book, or things I may enjoy shopping and then I try and find them and bring them all together. Along with a bar and social tables to be enjoyed, filled with drinks, chatter and laughter in between the strains of shopping and treatments. With the support of local business sponsors I create the most wonderfully filled goody bags with delightful gifts limited in number to make you rush for the experience.

You see it truly matters to me people have a good night. It matters to me the traders I believe in do well and meet fabulous people who rave about them. It matters to me that when I put my name to something I give people the best I can. I wanted people to know all this to know whether they are working alongside or coming along for the evening I am genuinely so grateful they are part of the experience, I’m really excited not only for the quarterly events but the other ways I’m planning to give back, love support and empower going forward with BeYou Beautiful through 2018 and beyond.

I’ve spent today working on different bits for the event, at times I’ve felt like I was running full steam into a brick wall. I wanted to put this post out there so people got why I spend so much time on it, why I talk about it, why I stress about it, why I believe in it. Everything about these nights is ways of me fulfilling my desires to support or light people up, to connect with people and bring people joy.

Hopefully if you are reading this and not to far away you will come along for a fabulous night here are all the details you need. 
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Photo credits to the super amazing and beautiful Carla Guest photography. I have known Carla for around 25 years but her works speaks for itself, it’s truly exceptional, go check her out.