Yesterday I put in my personal skincare order! I ran out of all my favs over the last month!

As I’ve been with Neals yard a whole year now I figured I would share with you what made me choose them in the first place.

Why I choose Neals yard remedies, nyr, Neals yard, frankincense, skincare, be you beautiful, cleanse and tone, moisturise, beauty therapistWhilst I test many products through my job and through my blog, many of which I love (some I don’t) I have some products I use religiously. For example I love how I feel when I cleanse and tone with the frankincense range in the morning I feel refreshed and not like I have stayed up ridiculously late the night beforehand.

It was this initial love for just two products that made me talk to my friend Sophie over at Indulgence Holistic Treatments about using the products within my business Be You Beautiful just because I wanted to share these products with my clients in treatments. I signed up, no pushiness or pressure from soph, no need to make it my sole focus, no targets, I chose Neals Yard and here’s why….

💜I loved them … The feel, the smell, the texture, the packaging I could go on, I think a passion and belief in any product shines through.
💜They are organic. Whilst not important to all my clients, over the last ten years within the industry I’ve noticed people becoming more conscious of what they apply to their skin . They are also really ethical and open about their ingredients, where the are from etc. ┬áThat is an added bonus to me.
💜I wanted to offer a complete range of skincare that I felt I could break down, learn and use to address all clients needs. ┬áSensitive, dry, normal, oily, young, old, dull, whatever the clients issue was I wanted something on hand to offer a solution.
💜It gave me the opportunity to keep in touch with beauty treatments, products and updates through online training and in store training something that personally I love and is super important to me.
💜They are AWARD WINNING …..over and over again!
💜They Pay It Forward. To animals, to people, to our planet, and I find that pretty awesome.

You can find out loads more on the website (they set up and provide for me) here

I’m really not selling you anything just explaining my choice for the skincare ranges I use in treatments. You can get a free skincare consultation with me anytime, online or in person. I’m really not a pushy sales person (infact sales is my weakness) if you want more info, to find out more or try a product, buy something, book a facial, book a girls night in (with range of┬átreatments) …. then I’m here. It’s what I do, it’s what I love and I’m more than happy to help and make a difference. For my clients, my team and my beautified self! (When I get 5 minutes to pamper myself in between work and the kids that is!)

Anyway, whilst I wait for my latest order to arrive join in the chat in the comments below or over on the Facebook page!